Friday, June 7, 2019

Children: A Blessing From the Lord

Differing views regarding children.

Christian's view developed around Scripture.
Biblical view = "Children are a blessing from the Lord"
Psm. 127:3-5, Gen. 1:28 - part of blessing for creation = children
Mark 10:13-16 - Example:  picture of Jesus with the children

On one hand, Bible presents children as a Blessing.  However, Biblical writers were NOT ignorant of the BURDEN.
They have many needs:  (physical, psychological, spiritual)
At least are intrusive, demanding.
At worst = tyrannical!!  -  (if don't believe that, sign up for nursery duty!!)

They are the source of great joy!!  However, also source of great grief, sorrow, disappointment, heartache
Examples:  Cain and Abel, Jacob and Esau, Samson, Absalom

Nevertheless, in spite of the burdens, the Biblical message remains:
"Children are a blessing from the Lord"

Note:  (1)  not just a potential blessing, simply "a blessing"
           (2)  a blessing not just to parents/grandparents - but to US , to community, to society, to mankind!

IF it be true (that children = blessing from the Lord), THEN there are additional Biblical Issues to consider:

I.  Receiving Children 
Reword to "A benefit bestowed (blessing/gift)... by &  from the LORD! - Isa. 29:22-23 - Isaiah's message to Israel as being carried off to Babylon

21st. Century view?  Even a staunch atheist considers a baby - wonder/awe/"miracle"

Application:  to parents (grandparents) - easy!!!
But to non-Parents???  Example:  introducing new babies to the church.   Pleased, proud, because = Gift to US!!

II.  Stewardship:  manager of another's property.
Biblical sense = manager of what God's placed in your care. - New Testament = steward

Biblical Steward = manage - WISELY - FOR the Master.
Non - Parents?  we have also received and been Entrusted  - 1 Cor. 4:2

III.  DISCIPLINE  which = corrective and punitive
But comes from the word Sozo and Phronema (save & mind)
Literally = "Saving the mind"

Now - Heb. 12:5-11
still corrective, punitive, but also formative, developmental, building, training, shaping.  Example:  athlete

(1)  not to love would = ungodly (un-God-like)
                            not to discipline = the same!!!
(2)  NON-Parents ... your punitive options are limited, but your developmental options are not!!

With  issues of Stewardship and development, comes:

IV.  Self-Development - because can't give what don't have  (example:  wisdom)

IF the point = Raise child UP, then I want to be as tall as possible!!!

Also touch on
V.  Success and Failure  
(1)  You will fail sometimes - Rom. 3:23
(2)  You will FEEL like a failure - MANY TIMES!!

Continue to tell 'self what you already know ...
 (1)  raise child for Long Haul!!  (example:  Jacob == Israel)
 (2)  child has free will - NO guarantees!! - Prov. 22:6 - "train up" = general promise)

VI.  The Common Foundation  (where we started the series) - Matt. 7:24-27
Upon this foundation  (1) you build 'self
                        ...       (2)  you (attempt) to establish your children

Closing note:  Matt. 7:28-29 - (with "these words are trustworthy and true")

Application:  if have never built on the Rock, need to do that!!

Closing Scripture:  Prov. 2:1-6

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