Monday, April 29, 2019

Benefits of the 40 days

Cross --> Resurrection (happened on First Fruits) --> 40 days -->10 days --> Pentecost (beginning of the harvest)

Today = The 40 Days

Last week = 1) women at the tomb
                    2) disciples on road to Emmaus
                    3)  Disciples in Jerusalem - Sunday evening locked in a room (w/o Thomas) - Jesus appeared suddenly
                    4)  Disciples in Jerusalem 7 days later with Thomas - Jesus appeared again

Additional appearances - on shore of Galilee - John 21:1-14
                                    - James!! & others  1 Cor. 15:3-8
                                    - before Ascension - Matt. 28:16-20 - (Great Commission)
                                    - for 40 days - Acts. 1:1-3

Jesus appeared to different people, groups, size groups, different times, locations, settings - don't know how many times He appeared during this 40 days

Then - The Ascent - Acts 1:4-11

The Significance of the 40 days??
Especially - benefits FOR us today??
How to Apply what we learn there?

So..... Benefits of the 40 Days
Disciples received (1)  additional confidence in the Resurrection ( by many infallible proofs)
                            (2)  additional information concerning the Christian faith
                            (3)  insights into their future state
                            (4)  confidence (boldness) in the face of death

As for them,  so for us!!!

Christ's appearance for 40 days should (can!) result in.....

#1.  Confidence in the Resurrection - apostles needed that.  all will die a martyr's death with exception of John.
Note:  the importance of the Resurrection - 1 Cor. 15:17-19 = historical, actual, real event
and so the confirmation of the Resurrection - Acts 1:3  This is ESSENTIAL.  Without the resurrection, we have nothing!!!

For them, for us, should result in:
          (1)  a steadfast walk - (in times of trial/confusion
          (2) a bold witness (testimony) - going to need this even more today when not just skepticism about Christ but hostility.

SO ... 1 John 1:1-3 - not just theory    2 Pet. 1:16-18   this is fact

#2.  Additional information about our Faith - to help us walk the walk
Example:  Luke 24:25-27

during the 40 days ... what questions posed?  teachings received?
This information = IMPORTANT!!!  Because Christianity is not a belief system, religious practice.  It is (intended to be ...) a LIFESTYLE  (based on truth!!)

Contrast:  Pagan gods --- not concerned with daily life of followers!  don't care about moral life.
Compare common "religious" views today!!!

2 valid questions:  (1)  do you believe?  accept the Faith?
                           (2)  do you practice the Faith?  if you don't practice the faith, you don't believe.

Colossians - "as received... so walk!!!
James - "show me your faith without works!!
Jesus - "by their fruits you'll know them"
Jesus - (John 13)   "now know ... blessed if DO!!

To be continued next week ...........

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