Sunday, March 10, 2019

The Christian Work Ethic - Pt. 2

Last week = 2 Thess. + the Christian Work Ethic
Def. - Work Ethic = a moral view of work (right/wrong)
Adjectives = strong, positive, solid, poor, faulty, insufficient

For Christians should be - "Biblical (Scriptural, Christian) Work Ethic".
We will spend roughly 1/3 of our life on work.
ie:  God sets the standard for us.
     God reveals the standard to us!! - Heb. 1:1-2

BUT the Biblical Work Ethic is more than "work hard"
It includes:  honesty, integrity, quality, productivity
Also addresses frugality, management, stewardship, which is the absolute center of the work concept.- because is related to money!  Could be borrowing, lending, saving, investing, etc.

QUESTION:  Why adopt a Biblical Work Ethic?  (over other Work Ethics?)
Examples = work to get by, because have to, to get stuff, to get rich.  OR don't work if don't have to..

ANSWER:  .IF this = God's standard (will)
                    THEN this = (1) morally right - work is not an amoral condition
                                        (2)  practically best
ie:  most likely to produce what God desires FOR you and,
most likely to result in what God expects FROM you.

IF the Christian Work Ethic = morally right and practically best, let's look for some specifics!
Why embrace this Work Ethic?  What is it designed to do?
Should be able to see a moral reason why to embrace Christian Work Ethic in following verses.

#1.  To Provide for Family - 1 Tim. 5:8 - talking about people who are capable
Obviously about $$, material things..... but is MORE than money!!!
example:  term "home MAKER" = (1) WORK  (2) with a Product
Prov. 31:10-31 = stay at home mom with a Biblical Work Ethic!!

#2. to Provide beyond the family  Acts 20:33-35 -   Eph. 4:28
Examples:  Old Testament - "poor tithe" - additional 10% given every 3rd. and 6th. year to provide for the poor.
                field gleaning - only go over field once when harvesting.  anything left behind was for the poor to gather.  Someone worked hard to make that crop, but leavings for the poor.

#3.  to benefit society - especially own community.  Prov. 19:17

#4.  for personal satisfaction/ fulfillment
Work is NOT the curse!!!  Gen. 2:15, 3:17-19 - curse affected our work

Christian Work Ethic does not remove the toil from work.  BUT can certainly add a level of satisfaction!!
Eccles. 2:24, 3:12-13

#5.  to honor God by obedience, by job well done.  Matt. 25:21, John 17:4, Col. 3:23-24
"God called/gifted/enabled me.... therefore I honor Him with this..."

#6.  to expand His Kingdom - (here/now "on earth")
Example:  1 Thess. 4:11-12
ie:  earn respect --> gain favor --> gain a hearing! --> win a soul  (or at least "make Him known")

#7.  to lay up treasure! - Matt. 6:19-21

We (Christians) are called to:
(1) adopt a Biblical Work Ethic  (embrace, pursue)
(2)  develop that Work Ethic - which requires knowledge of God's Word.
(3)  Practice a Biblical Work Ethic - ie:  act on it/ live it out
(4)  model a Christian Work Ethic - 2 Thess. 3:7-9
(5)  teach a Biblical Work Ethic  (a) especially to young ones (children and grandchildren)                                    in more than Sunday School lesson

IF you have a degree of success, should talk to your kids about HOW it's done!!

NOTE:  Success doesn't necessarily mean rich!!
             May be survival!!

AGAIN:  Work (alone) does not commend you to God, does not give you salvation!!

Closing Scripture:  1 Cor. 15:56-58

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