Monday, October 1, 2018

The Warrior Psalms

Psm. 144:1 - introduction

David = great warrior!  Fought Goliath, Saul, enemies of Israel, Absalom.
Result = kingdom firmly established for Solomon!!

So.....  "song"  - 2 Sam. 22:1-4, 32-26

David = able warrior
But = Dependent warrior
He credits God for his abilities and victories.
We could say he knew - his Calling
                                      his Abilities
                                      his limits
                                      his Source/Enabler

The Song of 2 Sam. 22 becomes Psalm 18.  - (song of David that needed to be in the Jewish songbook)
So will look at part of that.
Watch how David credits God - with his abilities and victories

Psm. 18:37-50 - always a reference to God giving him these.

These = Warrior Psalms - speak of conflict, battle, war
Any application for us?? - In that day, battle was a very real part of life.   However, David's battle was not always with foreign nations.  (example - Absalom)

On one hand "we battle not against flesh and blood"
However - we do battle

The Christian's primary enemies - (if following Christ and trying to serve Him)
#1.  The World - definition = not creation, not the people of creation
= the ideas, ways, demands, influences, pressures, philosophies that run counter to God's will, way.

Example:  Jesus was not at war with his fellow Jews, but was at war with their thinking!
So - 1 John 2:15-17, Rom. 12:2

#2.  Satan (and his minions) - Eph. 6:10-12

#3. Self -- old man, natural man, sinful man - Rom. 7:15-24

On on hand, our arsenal is important!! - Example:  Paul - {"whole armor" - Eph. 6 - truth, righteousness, readiness, faith (confidence) salvation, the Word, prayer

BUT what the Warrior Psalms emphasize is:  Our Ally, our Enabler.  - Without God we have nothing.

David didn't wait for God to do it, he went into battle himself, trusting that God would be with him.
Some Examples:
Psm. 33:16-18, 35:1-3, 118:6-9, 138:3, 7, 140:6-8, 142:5-6, 143:9, 144:1-2

Any parallel?  Application for us???

#1. Know God's Will - (which - Know His word!!!  (example:  Jesus answering Satan's temptations! - with scripture - 'that's not God's will')

#2.  Make your choice  (God?  or the world, sin, self?)  The world is LOUD.  God speaks with a still, small voice!!
Choice includes:
#3.  Seek God's Assistance - (because the enemy is greater than you)

#4.  Trust He gives it (even if not immediately seen) - Example:  Jesus and the cross

#5.  Stand Firm 
#6.  Press On  
1 Pet. 5:8-10

AND - when you fall?  fail?
#7.  Get up - - we see David's failures - ie.  killing of Uriah
                  --  we also see his heart - David had a heart for God

Closing Scripture = Psm. 91:9-14


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