Sunday, September 17, 2017

An Ever Present Help

Last week = Experiencing God's Presence ( or NOT!)
point:   He is ALWAYS present with you - omnipresent God, loving Father - Scripture is very clear about this.
However, you may not sense it 0 feel, experience) - it is beyond physical realm, beyond our understanding and ability

IF He is Present - In what form?  fashion?  way?
Answer = (primarily as) the Holy Spirit!!  (ParaKlete - another like me) - John 14:16-18 - means more than physical coming, but coming forever.

Is ever present!  plus within!  This presents two mysteries:
1) the Trinity - 3 persons, 1 being
2) the Indwelling - 1 Cor. 3:16, 6:19 - temple of Holy Spirit in you 

His working within the believer;  
He is present to:  (Some of the things)
1)  teach and remind you - John 14:25-26
2)  guide & direct you - John 16:12-15
3)  counsel and comfort you - John 14:16-18
4)  enlighten & illuminate - close to teach but implies INSIGHT - 1 Cor. 2:9-12
5)  offer assurance - Rom. 8:16   1 John 3:24, 4:13
6)  convict (convince, persuade)  - John 16:8

On one hand He is your personal helper, personal assistant
On the other hand, He is Sovereign God! 
Point being:  you have Almighty God as your (personal) helper

3 thoughts here:  1) Psm. 139:17-18 - "thoughts of, concerning
                          2)  1 John 4:4 - "greater is He...."
                          3)  hence, truth of John 16:5-7  "better if I go"

So.......... we have scriptural description of what He does, but..........
how does He do it?  look like?  feel like?  how to identify His working/activity within me??

Scripture is NOT so clear, explicit on that!!!
Therefore, approach this with caution!
But. some suggestions:

#1.  Sometimes you just know.  On the one hand, certainty doesn't make it so.  However, lack of objective measure doesn't make it NOT So!!!
Therefore:    a)  be cautious
                    b) test the Spirits - 1 John 4:1
                    c) test them with scripture

#2.  More often you suspect (think, believe, intuition)
Chuck Swindoll referred to these as "Unidentified Inner Promptings"
Does God direct thoughts?  us conscience?
Yes!   but so does Satan!!!

Again, so........ be cautious - test with scripture, and remember this:  in scripture where "led by the Spirit" is referenced, it is always in conjunction with holy living, holy lifestyle.  "leads in paths of righteousness".

This does not mean that God is unconcerned with everyday (secular) affairs, BUT the Holy Spirit's working(s) is primarily to make you Christlike!! - (behavior)

#3.  Mostly you will not know (from experiencing).  ie:  you will not feel, sense, experience His workings)
BUT, you can be sure!!   You can know mentally!! - Rom. 8:14 - (are led), Phil. 1:6 (will continue)

On one hand, and awareness of His working(s) = marvelous thing!!
However, it's not necessary to growth!!!    (in Retrospect, have you seen His workings??

#4.  You can be sure/satisfied that God is at work in your life -- without your having any sense of that!!
There is a level of faith, confidence, certainty, trust that does not require the "sensation"! - Job. 13:15 - "thought He slay me, yet will I trust in Him"

Now ... concerning the Holy Spirit working within you:
a) seek
b) study
c) be still
d) be satisfied - it's His doing, not ours if we feel His presence
e) respond .... PRESS ON
These are fundamental basics for the Christian Life.

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