Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Relational Responsibilities to Neighbors

Been in Marriage and Family Series.
1)  are great blessings and benefits there.
2)  But also great responsibilities and obligations  Luke 12:48 - To whom much is given, much is expected in return.

What's the next step in relational responsibilities and duties? .... The people around us.
Our word = community
Biblical word = neighbor - not simply in close proximity - Prov. 27:14

OT Law = many rules for neighbor/community.   The word neighbor is used over 150 times in the Old Testament. Civil Law -  Lev. 19:13, 15, 6:2 - unfaithful to God by deceiving neighbor

"Neighbor" included in the 10 Commandments - Ex. 20?16-17 - Moral Law
Neighborliness becomes huge in the Bible.

"Neighbor" has prominent place in the Wisdom Literature.  Prov. 3:24, 11:9, 12, 14:21

"Neighbor" is a part of the description of the Restored Kingdom - Zech. 3:10 - neighborliness is part of the New Kingdom

These laws/rules let to much debate.  Example:  "OK, BUT who is/qualifies as my Neighbor?"
This = 1)  attitude of "justifiable neglect" - I don't want to treat that individual the way I'm instructed to in the Bible."
2)  the background for Jesus' parable of the Good Samaritan.  - Luke 10:25-37.  Note:  Samaritans were DESPISED by the Jews.
Emphasis - not who is your neighbor, but focus on being one.


#1.  A neighbor is more than one living in close proximity.  Neighbor includes one who God places in your path who is in need and you are in proximity.    Example:  good Samaritan - Num. 15:15

#2.  Your focus should be on being a neighbor (not identifying one)

#3.  Being neighborly is central to the Christian faith.  Matt. 22:34-40   (added to 10 words!!  Matt. 19:16-19)  So Apostles => Rom. 13:8-10  Gal. 5:14  James 2:8

#4.  An obligation to neighbors (naturally) includes an obligation to the community.  Luke 12:48, 1 Tim. 5:8

Note:  A ___________ community is made of  ______________ people.
God is seeking.... Peace among men
                           Prosperity for His creation
                           Promotion of His Kingdom

#5.  As a Christian you are obligated to the community because you are committed to Christ. 

Ask self (1)  is Jesus your Lord?
             (2) are you aware of His Rules?  Luke 10:36-37 - Go and do likewise.

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