Monday, April 10, 2017


Psalm 9:10, 40:4, 62:8

Trust (v.) = to have confidence in, therefore - to entrust, commit to, rely on - not only verbal proclamation, but actually entrusting, committing, relying.

Who do Americans trust?

One on hand, Americans say "people can be trusted!"    In the 50's added:  "in God We Trust" to money, "under God" to Pledge.
According to Lifeway/Ligonier Survey of 2016, when ppl. presented with the statement, "Everyone sins a little but most people are good by nature", 65% agreed, 28% disagreed, 6% were not sure.

On the other hand, a 2016 Gallup Poll Survey - about specific people groups, asked the question "how much confidence do you have in _________________?" - great deal, quite a lot, some, very little (combine great deal and quite a lot)
Poll results:
the military - 73%
small business - 68%
the Police - 56%
the church (or organized religion) - 41% (down from 65% in '73)
the medical system - 39%
the Presidency - 36%
The US Supreme Court - 36%
The Public schools - 36%
Banks - 27%
Organized Labor (unions) - 23%
the Criminal Justice System - 23%
Television news - 21%
Newspapers - 20%
Big Business - 18%
Congress - 6%

When listed as "the Federal government" as a whole - = 19%

older Americans have more confidence in the military than younger - 65+ = 89%  18-29 yr. =67%
Religiously affiliated and confidence in religious leaders:  affiliated = 64% un-affiliated = 24%

Conclusion:  We'd like to trust people, BUT we know they are not always "trustworthy"

So...who should I trust?  (fully, completely, without reservation)
Prov. 3:5-6

Why should I trust Him?
#1.  His (self) Portrait  (revelation, scripture)
which says He is:  (A)  morally upright - always
                              (B) Practically Capable (omnipotent) - able to do anything
                              (C)  Self-Sufficient (has nothing to gain!!)  He is absolute already, we can do nothing to add to this perfect Being

#2.  The Holy Spirit's Conviction - ("He has show you, O man....")

#3.  Your Option(s)  Either you trust Him or you trust other stuff.

What Scripture says Not to trust in......

#1.  Strength - armies, weapons, walled cities, strongholds, princes, kings, national allies - Isa. 31:1

#2.  religion - idols, false gods, false prophets, deceptive words, "The" Temple!!! - Religious heritage, religious practice - Jer. 7:4

#3.  People - friends, neighbors, brothers & sisters, etc.  - Isa. 2:22, Jer. 17:5

#4.  Yourself - your wealth, riches, intellect, good deeds, righteousness... - Isa. 14:15-17, Rev. 3:17

What can I trust Him for?  

1.  to Know and Care - 1 Pet. 5:7

2.  to be Present - even when dont' fell His presence.  If you are His, He will be present with you.  Nobody (person) can fulfill this.

3.  to give Aid  (guide, direct, strengthen, etc)

4.  ultimately to Save - ie.  to Protect, to Rescue, to Deliver According to His will, plan, purpose.  His definition, wisdom, timing.  2 Tim. 1:11-12 - ultimately will be protected, rescued, delivered,

5.  to Set all things right - because He is righteous.
    righteous judgment, restitution, restoration - Rev. 21:3-5

Summary:  You can trust Him to be true to His Portrait, so Psalm 9:10

Tonight = Lord's Supper Service.  We can declare our trust in Him by partaking of this Lord's Supper.

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