Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Every Christian's Ally

Series = Christian Journey - from born again to death.
Goals of the journey?  
1)  a worthy walk - live a worthy life, respond and act like a Christian   Eph. 4:1
2)  personal development leading you to become Christlike (molding character, heart, hands)
3)   Kingdom promotion - Matt. 28:19-20, 6:10
The goal is NOT heaven, but your walk in this life.

As you journey  and if you attempt these goals:
I.  Expect opposition, active resistance, personal attacks - not just talking about obstacles here.  The degree to which you attempt to attain these goals for your Christian life can have a large effect on the degree of opposition you will face.
In the form of:  A)  Satan  Rev. 12:17 & his minions
                       B)  Self - Rom. 7;21
                       C) Society (the world, current philosophy, way of thinking) - John 15:18-19
Jesus made it clear that we will run into opposition as He did, but also made it clear that:
II.  Expect Divine Assistance  ie:  The Holy Spirit - Prior to Jesus betrayal and death - John 14:15-18, 25-26, 16:5-7, 12-13 (unto all truth...)

The word ParaKlete comes from the Greek para - (alongside), plus Kaleo (to call) - meaning one called alongside to help
The use of this word = very significant.
Examples of para - para....medic,  para....legal,  para....ministry

Compare 1 John 2:1 (same word) - in the Amplified Version = "One who will intercede for us with the Father"  - One = paraklete  Also, see "fruit of the spirit"
Other titles (& synonyms):
The Comforter
The Counselor
The Helper - to assist in time of need

The Interceder
The Advocate
The Standby
(terms used of a family attorney)

The One who Encourages
The One who Consoles - in times of deep sorrow and pain
The One who Strengthens

Many synonyms:  to aid, assist, support, HELP!! 
to console, comfort, ease grief and pain
to strengthen, enable, encourage
to guide, direct, illuminate
to remind, teach, convince
Note:  Rom. 8:26

The list goes on and on!!  A catch all verse?  a practical synonym?  Luke 24:48-49 - "Power"
(the necessary strength, the necessary ability) to do what He calls you to do - Phil. 4:13
Power often thought of as might, here means strength and ability.

Something we as Christians have that the old Testament saints did not have:
Not only promised to be with us, also promised to be IN us - John 14:17, 1 Cor. 3:16
(which = ever present, ever available to help!)

This is:  1) the Spirit of God - 3rd. person of the Trinity
            2) the Spiritual Presence of Christ (in His physical absence) - literally, really

Our (human) problems with this =
#1.  The Holy Spirit is not Physical (hence - not always evident... in Presence, in Activity) - we're accustomed to what we can see, feel, touch with our five senses because we ARE human.

#2.  He acts according to His wisdom (not yours or mine) (hence He doesn't always do what I think He should do)

#3.  this whole idea is incomprehensible - Col.1:27
(Omnipotent Creator God within me????)
IF I accept the words of Christ, I MUST accept this "mystery", ie: Holy Spirit working ..... IN me, ON me, THRU me!!
Very easy to comprehend, very difficult to execute but the difficulty does not make it untrue!

So, How to take full advantage of His Presence?  Appropriate?  maximize? 
#1.  Surrender - it's not getting more of the Spirit, but Him getting more of you!! - don't get more of the Spirit, either have Him or not!

#2.  Obey (what your know) "quench not, grieve not"
We don't need more of the Spirit's movement when we already have the Word

#3.  Be Available 

#4.  Work - 1 Pet. 4:10 - regardless whether we experience or sense the workings
#5.  TRUST HIM WITH THE OUTCOME - we don't turn the spigot, we don't control what's dispensed, we don't determine how it's received, and the outcome.  2 Cor. 6:1

Receiving the Spirit - not based on our merits or goodness, if are born again, we have the Holy Spirit.

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