Sunday, July 3, 2016

Concerning the Future of the USA

World Magazine - informal readers' survey from 2010 - concerning this:

1)  Optimistic - 25%
2)  Pessimistic - 35%
3)  doomsday cataclysmist - 40%

A more recent secular pole = "80% of adult citizens polled say our nation is on the wrong track concerning our future".
(However, must acknowledge that there is VASTLY DIFFERING views of what track we should be on!  What correction should be made!

So, in doing research, compiling notes, etc, on the question 'are your optimistic or pessimistic about the USA?

Pessimist says "we'll crash if we don't change course.
They cite:  failed education system, aging populace, way the government is not working, growing racism, changing views of morality, what was a melting pot is now becoming a patchwork quilt, family life is deteriorating, 40 of babies born to unwed mothers, out of control spending by government, entitlement mentality, personal rights outweighing the greater good, lack of moral leadership, and list goes on and on.

Optimist says "yes, but knowing that, we will change our course." citing recovery from Civil War, Great Depression, two world wars, cold war, etc.

Yogi Berra says "it's tough to make predictions .... especially about the future".

It's helpful to read knowledgeable and thoughtful optimists, but for the Christian, our hope is not in the nation, government, people, etc.  Our hope is in the LORD!!

He's promised... 1)  He'll be with us (either way)
                          2)  in the end, He'll make it right!!
There will never, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever to a perfect government until Jesus comes and sets His up!!

#1.  God is in Control - need to keep that in mind all the time!!  God is greater than _______.  (fill in the blank)
#2.  His Promises still stand - Matt. 16:18 - gates of hell will not overcome it - EVER!

#3.  His Purpose is unchanged - 1 Tim. 2:3-4 - praying for people in authority - He wants all people to come and be saved.

#4.  He does not (quickly) abandon His people.....  He doesn't abandon His people AT ALL.
Example:  Israel - pre-exile, in exile, post exile.

Question:  Are we His people?    Some church attendance stats:
Regarding rates of religious adherence - 1776 - 2000 (taken from "The Churching of America" - Roger Finke/Rodney Stark)  copyright 2005

% of "churched" American Adults  (definition = (A) make a denominational claim
                                                                        (B) attend services at least occasionally
1776 - 17%
1860 - 37%
1906 - 51%
1952 - 59%
1980 - 62%
2000 - 62%
(figure 1.2/pg. 23)

#5.  We still have opportunity to turn - Jer. 18:7-10 - a great deal of this is determined by us.

#6.  Even after all seems lost, God is able to revive and restore.  No nation is beyond.   Hope is in Him.
Ezek. 37:1-14 - dry bones prophecy


#1.  We're to seek the good of our nation. Jer. 29:1,4-7 (letter to exiles) - our nation is not our enemy - God places us here.

#2.  We're to obey all we can.  Rom. 13;1-7  (1 Pet. 2:13-17)   Civil obedience precedes civil disobedience - if the government tries to implement things against God.

#3.  We're t be salt and light in this nation - Matt. 5:13-16 - here in this nation, where God placed us.
(ie:  ministry, teaching, preaching, politics, etc.)

#4.  We must accept that this nation may choose to reject Him.   On one hand, USA has Christian roots.  However, it's written in that it's the people's right to reject those roots!!  We can't force people to follow God's rule!

#5.  Consider that difficult times may be God's hand of discipline. 
Examples:  Assyria, Babylon, exile - not to destroy but to turn.

#6.  Remember that Christians have often lived and ministered in a hostile nation.  Example:  Rome.  And in 300 years, they turned it around!

We do have an obligation to the nation  (where He placed us), but our FIRST commitment is to Jesus Christ.

1 Cor. 15:58 - Therefore,, STAND FIRM!!

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