Monday, November 16, 2015

P.S. Do You Love Me?

Luke 5:1-11 - in the beginning of ministry "fishers of men"
NOW - three years later - after the trial, denial, cross, resurrection, it's the story in Luke all over again.
John 21:1-25 = post script - John had completed his gospel with Chapter 20 - the last verse.  Then chapter 21 added.  Was not added to John's gospel years later as it is in the oldest found manuscripts. Has always been considered part of the scripture, so was most likely added immediately.  P.S. ........

Restoration of Peter:
When Jesus says, "Do you love me?", he uses the Greek word, 'agape' - self-sacrificing, intense, willful, highest form of love - God kind of love
When Peter answers, "You know I love you." he uses the Greek word 'phileo' - affection for, fondness = lesser form of love.
Note:  third time Jesus asks the question, He uses 'phileo' -came down a notch.  Peter doesn't own up to having that intense, chosen form of love.

APPLICATION:  (written for US!!)
Obviously = so you'll believe  - John 20:31
But also = that you'll follow and serve!! - Chapter 21

#1 = Forgiveness and Restoration are available to faulty servants!  (as Peter was, so are we).  Many times we say, "YOU are LORD", but I will DO as I please!!

Forgiveness and restoration  A)  Begins with confrontation, ie. His word, Spirit, our conscience, etc.
Note:  1 Cor. 11:31 - judge self, so don't come under judgment.

                                            B)  must be accepted and received. - Contrast Peter and Judas Iscariot
When we fail miserably, we have the choice to go back and seek restoration.

#2.  Devotion to Christ is demonstrated (partly) by tending His flock.  (identified, expressed)
      A.)  the definition - Christians only?  Mark 6:34 - we don't know who is a lamb of God, about to become a lamb, needs to become a lamb.
      B)  the demonstration = "Love Me?  Feed Mine!"
 On one hand, this is not the only expression of Love for Christ.  However, it IS an inseparable expression of love.   Love for Christ, Love for man.

#3.  The Primary Charge is "follow me".

The charge is  1.  Imperative --- a command!  DO IT!!
                      2.  Continual command -- present tense  "keep on, continue"
                      3.  Personal - "YOU......"

How long?  how far?   Isa. 6:11-12 - other example Jeremiah - don't expect any victories in following.

Simple definition:  Col. 2:6 - continue to live in Him.

John was written so that we might believe and have life, and then, follow and serve.

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