Sunday, August 2, 2015

The Foot Washing

Jesus' final words and acts before crucifixion - end of the week - somewhere around sundown - last day of His life.

John 13:1-17 - The Foot Washing  (lowest task that could be given)

#1.  The Act - prompted by  --- love, desire to teach (instill need to minister to one another)
                                            AND  Luke 22:24

#2.  The Point = humble yourself and serve others - do it voluntarily.  Luke 22:24-27 - Jesus' Upside-down Kingdom.  Exactly opposite of the world.

#3,  The Example - Christ in this instance.  Christ in His whole incarnation - Phil. 2:5-8
He chose to do this for Our sake!!

#4 - The Setting = last meal, last evening, last WORDS!!  Point:  this is important stuff!!!! - He took time to wash feet because very, very important.  Not a peripheral issue.

#5.  The Students
Initially = THE Apostles!!  (founders, leaders, pillars)  = the people on whom the entire future of His church rests.
1 Pet. 4:10 - Cannot lead if will not wash
Eventually = ALL Christians - be devoted to one another
                                              - honor one another
                                              - live in harmony with OA
                                              - Edify (build up) OA
                                              - accept OA
                                              - instruct OA
                                              - agree with OA
                                              - serve OA
                                              - bear OA's burdens
                                              - be patient with /bear with OA
                                              - be kind to OA
                                              - be compassionate to OA
                                              - forgive OA
                                              - submit to OA
                                              - encourage OA
                                              - spur OA on (to good works)
                                              - confess your faults to OA
                                              - pray for OA
                                              - offer hospitality to OA
                                              - minister your gifts to OA
                                              - love OA
                                              - greet OA w/a holy kiss

Question:  See a pattern here?????

#6.  The Mystery - 1 Pet. 4:10 - more than washing feet - is about ministry to others.

#7.  The Promise - John 13:17 - you'll be blessed if you do them - (you have the Father's favor)
Even if no reward in this life, assured to be rewarded in next life.
"to this ye are called" - humbling 'self and serving

Pre-Christians - this = part of the package
Christians - this = part of the package

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