Monday, July 6, 2015

The Resurrection and the Life

The 5th. "I Am"

Last week = "I am the Gate/Good Shepherd"

Jesus' claims:  1) galled the Jewish leaders - John 10:30-33 - note 'again' - not the 1st. time
                      2)  caused division among the people - John 10:19-21

So that..... John 10:37-42 - (to this extreme..) He sequestered Himself away from  the Jews.  Went roughly 50 miles from Jerusalem.

Next?  John 11:1-35 - all this to reflect God's wisdom, power, authority, etc. - as the moon reflects the sun  (shows that it's still there)

Question:  Why was Jesus moved?  troubled?  wept?  WHY???  He knew that in a few minutes He would change the entire situation.

Answer:  Because  #1 - He was human - Heb. 4:15
                              #2 - humans should be troubled when people suffer - Rom. 2:15 - that's what humans are supposed to do!!

John 11:36-44 - vs. 40 - but God is invisible.  Martha moves the stone.  Belief goes beyond the head and heart to the hands.

Note:  Even dead men hear Him!!  They are not unconscious to His voice!!

I.  This is an INCREDIBLE miracle!!!
BUT - it is more than a miracle!!!!   It is a SIGN!!!

A sign which says:  A)  Jesus has power over death!
                              B)  Jesus is Lord over everything including death.  Matt. 28:18

(this = incredible miracle)
II.  this is not His greatest miracle!!!
Greatest is:  A)  overcoming His Own death - resurrection
                   B)  overcoming it permanently (glorified vs. Lazarus - who later died again)
 Rom. 1:4 = ultimate miracle!!

III.  This miracle was performed to convince YOU!!
A)  to Believe in Jesus - John 11:42 with John 20:30-31

B)  to Face death with confidence - that's how we're supposed to face it.
                                     Rev. 1:17-18, Rom. 8:35-39 - troubled by does not mean trembling before

C)   to Embrace the Christian Hope - Rev. 20:13-14,  Rev. 21:3-5

Last enemy to be destroyed is death.


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