Monday, October 6, 2014

IF God exists, what Can We Know About Him?

Last week:  Gen. 1:1 - "Can we know God exists apart from Scripture?"

Answered with:  1)  Natural Theology (based on nature)  - (argument from being, design, desire, morality, etc)
                         2)  Paul's address - Rom. 1:18-20

TODAY:  IF God exists, what can we know about Him?  apart from Scripture?

Appeal to :Argument from Design (meaning not naturally happening) - Examples:  watch, smartphone
Because:  1)  easy to understand   "laws of nature and of nature's God"
                 2)  difficult to refute

We know difference between something intentionally designed and something that just happened.  Very evident to those who want evidence.

Remember:  only 2 options/possibilities for the universe (everything material that is made)
#1.  The Universe is eternal and self-existent
#2.  The Universe was created by an eternal and self-existent Something.

One of prominent theories today is:  universe is not eternal, but there was a time when the universe was not and then was.  ie:  created itself.  THIS doesn't work.  Something cannot be and not be at the same time.

IF the Universe is eternal, THEN we need no Creator, BUT, must still account for:
1)  Material Design/ material complexity, material harmony, LIFE
2)  Immaterial Things - information, intelligence, thoughts, dreams, longings, desires, ambitions, passions, expectations, sense of right & wrong, justice

IF Material World is all there is, is it possible for unintelligence to create intelligence??

So, Option #1.  The Universe is eternal and self-existent.

BUT, IF the Universe is NOT eternal, THEN it had a beginning.

IF the Universe had a beginning, it had a Creator  (note:  self-creating Universe)

IF the Universe had a Creator, that Creator must be:

#1.  Powerful

#2.  Intelligent (complexity, intricacy, harmony)

#3.  Transcendent ie: far, far beyond us!!

#4.  Intentional - having a will, acting on purpose, (non-living objects don't intend to do anything) which adds up to..

#5.  Personal - having personhood, personality - Contrast "FORCE" of Star Wars - no personality

Question:  This description remind you of anyone???  D
All this fits perfectly with Gen. 1:1-3  Don't have to have the Bible to conclude this stuff. 

Powerful?  Omnipotent - spoke --> ex nihilo (out of nothing)  In the beginning GOD was there.
Intelligent?  Omniscient
Transcendent?  Spatially, in His Nature
Intentional?  acts ON Purpose with WITH purpose
Personal?  "our Father"  "hairs numbered"

POINT:  if you seek God through nature and Reason, you find the same God that's portrayed in Scripture!!

1)  If you seek God through Nature and Reason,  you wind up at Gen. 1:1-3  (ie:  God exists as a Personal Creator.
2)  if you believe in God, you stand on solid ground.  (you're not foolish, old fashioned, irrational, empty headed)

Next Week - we go from General Revelation - revelation around us for all to see - available to all - to
Special/Specific Revelation (God has chosen to give us many things about Him)

There we'll find confirmation for something else you already know (apart from Scripture)

ie:  the testimony/witness of God (external and internal) is not designed to bring you to belief in God!!

Rather = designed to bring you to FAITH in God!!! ie:  trusting God.  There is a world of difference between the two.

Don't think you've arrived because you believe in God, or even believe that Jesus Christ is the bridge to God. 

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