Monday, June 2, 2014

Marriage and Sin - Effects & Results

Gen. 1:31 - Marriage good in first 2 chapters.
Then, Gen. 3:1-24 - 'The Fall"

1)   Marriage = designed - has divine Designer (God)
2)   Marriage = designed to produce/ bring about ... companionship (way beyond friendship),  partnership, courtship, "Godly offspring", melding, staying lifelong (some purposes marriage designed for)

Question:  IF it is so designed, why not Producing more????
Quote from acquaintance years ago, "problem is not with the institution, the problem is us!!"

BUT, what about us????   Biblical Answer = SIN

Definition of sin = any attitude or action contrary to God's will, desire, design for us.  - Commission or Omission.

First instance of sin (in human race) - Gen. 3

Results?   Consequences?  
 #1.  Alienation  
#2.  Perpetuation
 Prior to the fall, everything was in harmony.

I.  Alienated from:
 a) God - "hid selves"
 b) Nature/Creation - "thorns and thistles"
 c) One Another - "fig leaves, covered "selves"
d) Themselves (self) - ashamed of nakedness, battle/struggle within

II.  Perpetuation of  this flawed nature - Rom. 3:23 - "all have sinned"

So, now any marriage involves 2 seriously flawed people.
Any family consists of seriously flawed people!

How much does this sin principle/presence affect your marriage?  family? 
Answer:  A lot!!  Too much!!!

Is there a remedy?  Can the harmony (unity, tranquility) be restored?
Answer = Yes ---- BUT!!    It can never be restored without Jesus Christ in life as Savior and LORD!

On one hand, the Christian is Positionally restored at salvation.
However, we still live amidst the presence, power, pervasiveness of Sin 
Example:  Present/Future Salvation   - Present/Future Kingdom

So, 1) Sin still exists
      2) we still tend toward it
      3) it still has Negative consequences!! - Gal. 6:7-8

So, what can I do to better my marriage and family - in light of Sin?
Can't eliminate sin, it's presence, it's effects..

Some things to consider that WILL make a difference!

#1.  Recognition and Admission  ie:  R & A
A)   Your need for reconciliation - To God, through Christ
B)   Your degree of imperfection - 1 John 1:8
C)  Your spouse, kids etc. suffer from the same malady

#2.  Submission (ie:  a yielding, surrendering)
A)  to God/Christ - as BOTH Savior AND Lord!!
B)  to His Revealed Will (His Word)
C)  to Your role within in the family - ie:  male/female, husband/wife/ father/mother, etc.

This is NOT a one time surrender!!

#3.  Instruction and Correction - primarily from Scripture, but also books, DVDs, speakers on marriage
can't do Right if don't know right!!!!

#4.  Discipline - (continual application) 
The battle doesn't end when you accept Christ.  The process doesn't end. 

#5.  Apology - which = admission of wrong and request for forgiveness - there is tremendous power in apology.

#6.  Forgiveness - Let it go!!! - Col. 3:13  - sometimes before and without a request!!!

#7.  Support - Eph. 5:25-27 - "build up" - Prov. 14:1

When we come to a point or recognition of the power of sin in life, then can begin to move up the other steps listed.

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