Tuesday, April 29, 2014

The Pharisee and the Publican

Luke 18:9-14
Publicans = tax collectors.
Justified = in right relationship with God.
Pharisee = religious sect of Judaism - very intent on keeping of the law and the traditions of man - VERY strict.  Separatist.

To whom this parable addressed?  Luke 18:9
1)  self-righteous = confidence that MY deeds, actions, lifestyle, HEART = good enough to please God and gain heaven.   (all about me)
2)  disdain = looking down on anyone who does not share my views, opinions, standards, lifestyle

Note #1:  This = common malady!! - example:  just get in to a discussion with anyone about politics!

Note #2:  This uses a ridiculous standard of rightness!!! - ie:  ME/SELF!!  - everything is measured by this!

Question:  by what should I measure 'self?
Answer:  God's Law which = "here's how ought to act, live, etc.

Problem:  we fall miserably short of what we ought to be.  Example:  "love the Lord God with ALL your heart, mind, soul, AND, your neighbor as yourself"  (How you doing with that?)  Rom.  3:23
All fail to live up to standard He has set or that we know exists.

The irony:  if Anybody should have understood this, it should have been THE PHARISEES!!    (compare  the Christian)

The Result??  The Pharisee did NOT please God.... and was NOT justified.

the Publican - Luke 18:13 who displays: 
1) admission - of his sinfulness
2)  confession - says the same thing as God about it
3)  contrition - more than aware of sin but = SORRY for sin.
4)  request ---- for MERCY

The Result??  Luke 18:14 (a) - Publican was justified.  The Moral? :  Luke 18:14 (b)


God wants you to see your sinfulness.

Why??  So you'll  1)  Come to Him - Gal. 3:24 - the Law was a teacher to instruct the ppl as to what they were NOT doing vs what they should do.
                            2)  Correct yourself.  (not continue in self-righteousness)
If judge self, God won't have to.

Objection!!  all this "sinfulness" stuff de-values man!!
Answer:  NO - it declares our value, demonstrates our value - Rom. 5:8 - it's out of love that God shows us our sinfulness.

Expanded Application How do I achieve, acquire this justification?  This rightness?

The need initially = come to God through the Sacrifice of Christ - 1 Pet. 3:18 - Admit   Believe   Confess - Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior

The need continually - don't believe you'll lose your standing - do believe you can lose focus!!
Example:  David w/Bathsheba

So:  Psm. 51:1-12, 16-17

New Testament Summary:  1 John 1:8-9

So, where do you stand?
      who do you resemble?
      what is your response?

Remember:  Luke 18:14 (b) - by God

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