Monday, March 17, 2014

The Parable of the Wheat and the Tares

What's the most common theme in parables?  = the Kingdom of God
Definition:  the Sphere of His Rule
On one hand that = ALL!!
However, currently it = is limited to (at His choice and His decree) all that Voluntarily submit to His Rule!! He has given man free will.

So, we have  1) the future Kingdom where His rule will be Absolute, Universal, Total, and Visible to all.
                     2)  The present Kingdom - where His rule is partial and only Partly Visible (evident)

Jesus' Parables often = "the Kingdom of Heaven is like....." - to instruct us in this partially visible Kingdom!!  (in it's present form)

The Parable of the Wheat and Tares
(a little background on the 'tares'.  Back during this time, was a weed that looked a lot like wheat in its early development called danelle.  The heads of this danelle when matured contained a poisonous fungus that was deadly to animals and humans alike.  So serious that Rome declared it illegal for someone to plant this in a neighbor's field.  So, parable = very serious situation)

The Parable - Matt. 13:24-30
the Meaning - Matt. 13:36-43

Some reasonable conclusions:  
#1.  Kingdom people and non-Kingdom people look much alike (in this present age)
Why??  Because are much alike- all homo sapiens in this world!!!  Impossible for us to determine 'born again' or not 'born again'.

#2.  It is not our place to separate them.
Contrast:  assess actions and weigh  heart.   Example:  David and Bathsheba - his actions certainly not those of one in the Kingdom, BUT was called "a man after God's own heart".

#3.  Nevertheless, separation will come and GOD will do the separating.
#4.  That Separation will end in one of two destinations - Heaven or Hell

Already noted:  the Primary Theme of the Parables = Kingdom of God
Note also:  the primary theme of the Kingdom Parables = Judgment!! - Matt. 13;47-50
Compare:  rich man and Lazarus, sheep and goats, 2 roads in Sermon on the Mount, etc.

Question:  Why this common theme of Judgment?
Answer:  1)  Because Judgment is coming!!! - This = WARNING!!
               2)  Because it's Not His desire that you be condemned!!
Matt. 25:34, 41 =>judgment needn't be Harsh!!
There ARE only two destinations - Heaven or Hell.  2nd. NOT created for people made in God's image

So, in conjunction with these parables, note 2 more:
        The Parable of the Hidden Treasure - Matt. 13:44
        The Parable of the Dragnet (Pearl of Great Price) - Matt. 13:45-46

Point:  1)  Recognize the value of the Kingdom
           2)  Do whatever it takes to gain entry.
What will a man give for his soul?  

What????  Is this salvation by WORKS???
NO!!!!  Salvation by earnestness, resolution, determination, dedication, commitment

Luke 13:22-30 - NOTE:  Vs. 24 - "strive, force self through, push way through"

One on hand, salvation is by grace
However, can't sleep your way into the Kingdom!!!   We have been hypnotized into believing that we can sleep our way into heaven.

Question:  Is fear of judgment sufficient to enter Kingdom?
Answer:  Not sure.  BUT am confident  IF a person truly turns to Christ, they will be A) saved and B) learn to love Him.

Final application: 
1)  Strive to enter
2) strive to persuade (others to enter)

This is Harsh stuff from Jesus because not His desire that any should perish.

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