Monday, September 2, 2013

Christianity - the Big Picture

The Whole Story - compare to a jigsaw puzzle - puzzle pieces vs the box cover which shows the big picture.

 Begin with:
The beginning WE know (God has ALWAYS been) - Gen. 1:1, 1:31 - creation is "very good"
End with:  Rev. 21:1, 4-5 - re-creation necessary????

Question:  Why?  What happened?  What need is there of a New heaven and earth?
Answer:  THE FALL (Gen. 3)

1)  Separation from God - communion was shattered
2)  tension with one another - hiding, guilt
3)  conflict within themselves - ashamed, etc.
4)  disruption of nature - Gen. 3:17-19

We inherited this!!

Between the fall and the new heaven and earth:
                      the history of fallen man in a fallen world              
creation                                                                                         re-creation
    the story (the Bible Story) of God dealing with fallen man in a fallen world

Today we look at a few significant events in that story - a few Key elements - some of the puzzle pieces that stand out!!

After the fall and before the new heaven and earth.

#1.  The Choosing of a people - Deut. 7:6-8
through whom He would:
A)  Reveal Himself - His nature, character, will through miracles, events, law, prophets, etc.
B.  Send a Savior - to fix what's broken
hence.... the Old Testament focus on the Jewish people!!

(sprinkled throughout the Old Testament =
#2.  The Promise of this Savior
Redeemer, deliverer, a leader, champion ...
Anointed by God for the task => "Messiah, Christ"
Gen. 3:15  Deut. 18:15  Isa. 9:6-7 - one of many prophecies concerning the coming Savior

#3.  The Sending (arrival) of the Savior
New Testament -- Christmas Story -- life and ministry of Christ

#4.  The Work of the Savior
A)  the 2nd. Adam - Paul calls Him this
B)  the Redeemer - paid the price/purchased back ..... fixed with His death
C)  the Restorer - of ALL that was lost!!!

On one hand, the work of Christ was NOT the immediate correction of all that's wrong,
But .. does => the beginning of the correction, the necessary payment for correction, the Assurance of correction.  (ie:  the Christian 'hope') - Rom. 8:19-21

#5.  The choosing of a new people - the church
Matt. 16:18 - called out group
Eph. 3:10  - to reveal God - to proclaim Christ - as the ambassadors, proclaimers, etc.

#6.  The church age
On one hand, we WAIT for the fulfillment, conclusion
On the other hand, we don't wait IDLE - Matt. 28:19-20 = the Great Commission

#7.  The Return of the Savior - end of the church age --
to establish His Lordship, leadership, Kingdom - Rev. 19:11-16

So....... Now new heaven and earth??  Not quite.... 1 more event/puzzle piece
#8.  Judgment - the road forks before the new heaven and earth.

One fork leads to the new heaven and new earth - the Presence of God
The other fork leads to Hell/Gehenna/Lake of Fire - the Absence of God - "2nd death"


-- you have a place in this timeline - piece of the puzzle

-- on one hand - you are heir of the past (no choice)
However, you choose your present and future - which story?  which road?

-- you're not choosing a destination.  BUT, choosing a Person - accept, receive, follow, serve OR
reject, ignore, deny

-- This is NOT the End of the Story - it equals the end of the 1st. Book in the Story/Series.....
Rev. 22:5 - 'unto the ages of the ages .....for eons and eons.....

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