Monday, June 17, 2013

The Importance of DAD in the Home

Father's Day -
Recent decades - "fathers not that important in the home". 
Answer:  In the Jewish World Review - "Lunacy 101:  Questioning the need for fathers"

Recently, from surveys, stats, and study - point/conclusion - FATHERS ARE IMPORTANT  (= influential/make a difference)

Doesn't mean - all fathers are good  - means all are influential, make a difference, good or bad

Also, doesn't mean mothers are not important - (if had motherless homes, would be looking at stats about that).  But, reality is that there are a LOT of fatherless homes in our country.

Kids - doesn't mean you can't develop, mature without your father's presence

Dads - doesn't mean your kids cannot develop, mature without you.

Single Moms - doesn't mean your kids can't develop/mature under your care, influence, tutelage

It just mean:  1)  generally speaking ... it's much better for the home if dad is in the home.
                     2)  it is especially  better for the home if there is a godly dad in the home.


I.  MEN - fathers/fathers to be.
A)  Your influence is huge ( plus or minus) - good or bad
B)  This is by God's design
C)  Can ignore, deny, shirk BUT can't change the fact

3 Scriptures:  Mal. 4:5-6
                     Luke 12:48 (b)  ...... from everyone...."
                     I Tim 5:8
On one hand, not gonna get it all right.  - Rom. 3:23
On the other hand, should be motivated by the influence and the urgency.

II.  WOMEN - wives and mothers to be.
Gen. 2:18 - "help mete/suitable helper"
On one hand, hubby often wants no help, refuses to be, become.
On the other hand, be careful!!!  to examine:
      a)  your methods:  helpful?  or detrimental?
      b)  your motives - want him to be what God wants him to be/  or you want him to be???
Touchstone verse:  Prov. 14:1 - "wise woman" -  examines methods and motives

III.  CHILDREN - (of all ages) - Ex. 20:12 ---> Eph. 6:2-3 - 1st. commandment with promise
1)  give him (them) the honor due
2)  give him (them) fair/balanced consideration when determining what honor is due!!  Use head, not heart!!!
3)  don't let his dishonorable decisions destroy you!!!!
Psalm 68:5 (a)   Psalm 27:10

BABY DEDICATION - a formal ceremony wherein a child is dedicated to the Lord.

The idea is NOT hand off the child or the responsibility

BUT - #1.  A public statement of recognition and thanks to God - "this child is from You"

          #2.  A public statement of intent - to raise this child - a) according to God's word
                                                                                          b) in hopes he/she will follow the Lord

(Public statement ---- compare to marriage vows)  very serious

         #3.  A request for God's blessings - a) on the child  b) on parents' efforts

Note:  Blessings sometimes bestowed, sometimes accomplished - but usually a combination of the two.

So.... parents ...note!!! The dedication of the child is meaningless without the dedication of selves  (children don't need to be dedicated, but to see dedication)

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