Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Persevering In The Faith

Perseverance = to endure/continue/stand....firm & fast

Last week - distinction between A) persevere generally  AND  B) Persevere ... IN THE FAITH
Example:  Heb. 12:1 - marathon race --- laid out for us.

So, today:  "Persevering in the Faith" - focus being - "IN THE FAITH"  (meaning/definition)

We are called to Persevere in the faith:

1.)  Doctrinally - in truth, according to teachings of Christ, Apostles

2.)  Practically - Christianity is more than head knowledge -- includes hands - action/life style

3.)  Emotionally - point is not primarily feelings But affections - a heart for God, the things of God, for the Faith (truths of God)

4.)  Relationally - Christianity is more than a philosophy, a religion
Christianity includes a relationship with God the Father, Christ the Son, Holy Spirit

We are called to Persevere in the Faith.....

#1.  Doctrinally - in truth, within the proper teachings (orthodoxy = proper belief, right opinion)

Simple concept - if don't accept & embrace the teachings of Christ....???  John 8:31 - 2 Tim. 4:1-5 - stay firm in the faith.
So.... "sound doctrine" - Titus 1:9, 1:13, 2:1, 2:15

#2.  Practically - ie:  in practice, application, lifestyle
Contrast pagan gods - dis-interest in lifestyle, morals, etc.  Jesus expects us to practice this, live it, etc.
Matt.7:24-27  James 2:14-19, 24-26

#3.  Emotionally - focus is not feelings, but affections.
ie:  disposition, inclination, preference, bent, desire, longing, "HEART" = mind, will, emotions
ie:  "HEART" for God, things of God, truth of God, etc.

Matt. 15:7-9  Matt. 22:36-37  Rom. 10:9-10

Again, the point is not primarily feelings, but does mean affections.  - Rev. 2:2-5 - easy to correct practices, but how to correct head?  - repent

Question??  How full, exact, perfect must one be to "be in the faith"?
What % of doctrine, practice, affection??

Answer:  don't know - we don't have a "Christometer" - all fall short, some fall WAY short - example:  David & Bathsheba

But, this we know, there is an area of 'No Tolerance' - Being in the faith.........
#4.  Relationally - being in the faith is not just religion, but a relationship - with God, with Christ, etc.
John 1:12  Rom. 8:14-16  Phil. 3:10  John 17:3 - "Point of Reconciliation"!!!

But,.... "no tolerance"??  - Matt. 7:21-23  - they had..... doctrine, practice, affection ... BUT .... relationship?????

Additional:  We are called to Persevere in the Faith.......
#5.  Personally - point - you are not in the faith because of the faithfulness of your spouse, parents, church, community, denomination, nation, etc.

The point of this message is not to create doubt for those in the faith....
The point is to cause us to stop, consider, examine - selves

2 Cor. 13:5

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