Monday, October 15, 2012

The Unfinished Work of Messiah

On the road to Emmaus.  Luke 24:13-27, 44-48 - Vs. 19 - now referred to as "Jesus of Nazareth" - they thought He was dead, and therefore, not the Christ.

After the Resurrection (and appearances - during the 40 days following - showed Himself repeatedly to the disciples), the Disciples were CONVINCED once and for all!!

1.  Jesus was (is) Messiah!!

2.  He had fulfilled Messianic roles that had been overlooked or misunderstood.
Examples:  Savior from sins), Redeemer from Separation from God, the Substitutionary Sacrifice for sins, Eternal High Priest, etc.  He was a Messiah for all people!!

BUT, they were also convinced....
3.  Jesus' Messianic duties were not completed!  
Still prophesies to fulfill, roles to play.
Examples:  Isa.2:1-4, 9:6-7, 11:1-9

Therefore: (with this new understanding... they (the disciples)....
A.  Re-searched the scripture - Old Testament prophesies, and
B. Re-viewed Jesus' teachings - missed the most fundamental teachings.

AND they concluded....
1.  The Kingdom is here with us, but not yet, not fully!!
2.  The King is with us but still to come!!!

So.... Peter:  Acts 3:17-21 - work of Messiah not complete at the cross
         Paul:  1 Thess. 4:13-18 - He's coming back
                   2 Tim. 4:1   Tit.2:13  Heb. 9:28 - He will appear a Second Time
"classic" - 2 Pet. 3:3-4, 8-13

Point:  He will return to complete what He's begun!   Rev. 1:8

Concerning His Return....
When it'll happen
What it'll look like
Exactly what will transpire
Christians have speculated broadly about these things for 2,000 years.

1).  Earliest idea:  Christ will return soon - few years at the most.
2)  the idea that the Millennium (1,000 year, literal, earthly reign of Christ) began with the Resurrection.

3)  Millennium would start with Jesus' return
(Justin Martyr 100-165 AD - 1st. pre-millennial writing.)

4)  "Christ can't return before the rise of anti-Christ", with the focus on 'watch for anti-Christ'. 
Anti-Christs rose by the hoards after this time.

5)  Early 3rd. Century - Hippolytus of Rome - predicted the Millennium would begin 496 AD
(from Daniel's 70 weeks and 6,000 years after creation)

6)  303 AD - The Great Persecution (under Diocletian)  Many were convinced 'the Great Tribulation' had begun - (Rev. 13)

7)  312 Constantine - won the Empire in battle - became a Christian - halted the persecution - Many declared "the Millennium has begun".
8)  the A-millennials - said the Millennium was not literal but symbolic, and therefore No way to measure or predict (Just watch and wait)

So.......... on and on.......... until today!

Question??  Is there Any Common Consensus?? (concerning the Return)
AnswerYes .. on primary issues, all agree.......

#1.  Christ will return - clearly, visibly, bodily, in power, glory, victory - Rev. 19:11-16

#2.  There will be a Resurrection - of all people who have died (one?  two?)  1 Thess. 4, 1 Cor. 15

#3.  There will be Judgment (part of the Messianic work that's not completed) - how many?  exactly when?

#4.  Christ will usher in Eternity (new era, new age)

#5.  There will be Restoration - not sure exactly what this entails.
     Rev. 21:1-5 (a)

#6.  Jesus Christ will Rule (over all peoples, powers, things)
#7.  These things are Certain and True - Rev. 21:5

So........ Our part in this???? 
Simple Summary:
 Be Ready (Watch) - Mark 13:32-37 - No one know the day or hour.
Be Faithful- John 21:20-22 - be about His businessBe Encouraged - Rev. 1:17-19 - He is Messiah.  His work is not done!

Rev. 22:20-21

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