Monday, July 16, 2012

Life Lessons From A Tragic Death

(message developed after the tragic suicide of a 14 yr. old Christian young man from the  community)

#1.  Believers are not exempt form tragedy.  We are not insulated because we are Christians.
We live in a fallen world/we are part of fallen people  1 Pet. 4:12

#2.  Believers are not exempt from self-inflicted tragedy.
ie:  I accepted God's grace, therefore I can jump off this building and I won't get hurt because God will protect me.  We are not exempt from physical and moral laws.  Gal. 6:7-9

#3.  Poor choices result in poor outcomes.
"honest mistakes" vs. willful choice.
Don't be surprised when bad outcome results from bad choice.  Outcomes are determined by choices - either here or down the road.
This applies to small issues as well!!

#4.  Our choices matter beyond our self.  
Point being:  choose sin and it affects others!  It's not just you - ever - never.  It will affect other people.

#5.  Jesus heals and forgives.  1 John 2:1-2
We need balance here.  On one hand, sin really matters - it affects you and those around you.
                                     However, He died for our sin(s)
We all make poor, sinful choices.  Our hope is in Christ.

#6.  God uses our failures.  Rom. 8:28 - essential to Christian hope.  Purpose in the suffering.
While this is a great promise - "life is more than suffer and wait".
However, it does not exclude us from proper choice, proper actions.

NOTE:  Lessons #1 - 4 are general promises.  ie:  could apply to all people.
             Lesson #5 is a conditional promise - if you allow him, receive Him, accept Him.
             Lesson #6 is a specific promise - to "those who love Him" - will submit to Him as Lord

So decide..... how many you want to apply to your life?
The first 4 apply regardless.  #5 = your decision.  #6 = specific for those who love Him.

1 Pet. 1:3-9, 13

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