Sunday, March 11, 2012

Apostle's Creed - 7


 2 major themes.... Sin & Forgiveness

The Creed Assumes:  1)  Sin (initial sin) exists  2) Sin needs forgiving  3)  forgiveness is available

Question:  What's the biggest issue facing mankind today?  You? - Sin.  - always been true since the world began.  Central issue of the Bible from beginning to end.

Sin is: 
1.  Real (not) a man-made concept - it really exists)

2.  Contrary to God's will for your life - 1 John 3:4 - ie:  violation of God's written laws (Mosaic) and/or unwritten laws (nature, conscience, heart)
Definition of SIN:  any failure to conform to the moral law of God ... in act, attitude, or nature

3.  Destructive (not just arbitrary rules!)  All sin destroys, tears down - may hurt you, others, generations to come.  Satan has duped us into thinking that sin will make us fall up
4.  Therefore, wrong.  (in a moral sense because it's gonna end in harm!)
and, also,
5.  Evil - because it is a conscious, deliberate choice to (a) do wrong  (b) act in a harmful way (c) rebel against God's will.

6.  Universal   Rom. 3:23  1 John 1:8 & 10

7.  separates from God eternally.  God does not tolerate sin in His presence.  Separation after death is called Hell.

8.  Beyond human remedy  (a) can't reverse the effects  (b) can't prevent additional acts (future).
We can't fix this!!

So,  Problem #1 - Man can't fix the sin problem.
Problem #2 - God won't overlook it. (deny it, excuse it)

Remedy??? - a substitute sin-bearer
A.  Lev. 16 - 2 goats - picture prophecy
B.  fulfilled in Christ - God Incarnate, perfect, holy, able to pay the price. - Eph. 1:7 - "redeemed" (redemption - buy back)

 Forgiveness is found in Christ ie:  crossing the bridge (bridge illustration) AND WITH forgiveness comes:

#1.  Pardon - ie:  canceling of debt
But, it's more than a pardon.  It's redemption.  Sin requires payment.  Costs somebody something.  Costs the death of Christ.  Gal. 3:13

#2.  Remission (removal) - example in OT - scapegoat (removed never to be seen again) - 1 Pet. 2:24

#3.  Reconciliation  Rom. 5:1  (not a subjective peace)  Just because you feel it doesn't make it true.
Justified means made just as should be, in good standing regardless of how you feel.

#4.  Restoration  (a) to righteousness - positional (imputed:  "Abraham believed God...."
(b) to favor  - example:  the prodigal son

Note:   Sin always followed by punishment or pardon.  (no middle ground in scripture)

For those who've not yet accepted Christ as your personal Savior and Lord, your sin is real.  It needs forgiveness.  Forgiveness is available.

For those who've already accepted Christ, have knowledge of, and experiencing the Gospel should lead to (1) humility  (2) thanksgiving  (3)  submission to Him  (4) commitment to our calling

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