Monday, December 12, 2011

Judging Others - Part 3

Question: To judge or not to judge??
The problem being - scripture directs us both ways!

So.......... there is need for better understanding of what's meant by "judging others".

Last time, we discussed: When is it appropriate to judge others. - (according to scripture)
#1. When behavior is clearly wrong (according to scripture)
#2. When behavior threatens others.
#3. When choosing leadership - church stuff, political leadership, etc.
#4. In matters of stewardship
#5. When a brother or sister is "overtaken" by sin and you attempt to restore them. Gal. 6:1
#6. When examining your own behavior. 1 Cor. 11:31
Always appropriate to judge self. If would do this regularly, others wouldn't have to.

So, on one hand it is not always proper and appropriate to judge others.
BUT, often, it is appropriate, and even necessary in keeping with scripture, truth, common sense. John 7:24 1 Cor. 6:2-3

Last time: When is it appropriate to judge others?

This time: When is inappropriate, improper, unacceptable to judge others.

As we saw before, there is no list, BUT many instances, examples, and principles by which to determine.


#1. When exercising a fault finding spirit.

Matt. 7:1-5
There are two issues here: A. being overly critical of others.
B. being under critical of 'self.
Compare the two men in Luke 18:9-14 (note especially v 14a)

#2. When judgment is merely gossip. (talebearing, backbiting, gossiping, defaming, etc.)
Biblical word is "slander". James 4:11-12
Slander is an old English word meaning "to defame".
Usually means false charges, misrepresentation designed to damage another's reputation.
Contrast: Eph. 4:29

#3. When judging disputable matters (questionable issues)
Rom. 14:1 - text talks about vegetables, day of worship
Examples: style of worship music, whether or not a bride takes her husband's last name, preferred Bible translation, etc.
Rom. 14:2-6, 10-13 (a), 15:7 - summary verse

#4. when you assume more than God reveals.
Example: Job's situation and condemnation by his three "so called" friends. Job 42:7
Compare this to "aids" being God's judgment on the homosexual. Could be, but no divine revelation to that effect.
It is not for us to judge beyond what has been revealed. Could be a 'false prophet' when do that.

#5. When entertaining sin in your own life.
2 Sam. 1:1-7 (a) - "the man".
The problem was NOT David's verdict. The problem was David's heart, situation, sin!! 1 Cor. 11:31


There is a proper time to judge - when it's right and necessary

2. Therefore, there are times it is wrong to judge.

3. Christians should learn the difference and practice accordingly~ God didn't just call us to be saved and go to heaven someday. But to live a Godly life in Christ Jesus now.


The most important judgment call you'll ever make - 2 Cor. 13:5 - "examine yourself to see if you are in the faith" - a. positionally - have you accepted Christ?
b. practically - are you acting accordingly?

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