Monday, August 22, 2011

Portrait of A Fool - Part 3

What's a fool look like??

Biblical definition: A fool is NOT stupid, ignorant, unlearned. A fool is one who has disdain for God's law(s) and the morals, ethics set forth in those laws.

A fool is not one who doesn't KNOW right and wrong, should and shouldn't.
A fool is one who knows but chooses to ignore and deny.

A fool is not one who is intellectually deficient.
A fool is one who is morally deficient.

The point: what's wrong is harmful and detrimental. THEREFORE, it is foolish to know and ignore, deny, defy, etc.

So, Week #1 - A fool ignores truth, despises correction and hates rebuke. Prov. 12:1 (refuses to be fixed)

Week #2 - A fool is self-confident, proud and wise in his own eyes. (ie: his opinion of 'self exceeds reality) Prov. 26:12
There's nothing wrong with self-confidence or pride in the proper sense.

We know 1. we all have a tendency toward foolishness - Rom. 3:23
However, 2. once we know better, it's mostly a choice!!
Therefore, 3. it's foolish to ACT like a fool when you're NOT a fool!!!


#3. A fool displays his folly. Prov. 13:16 When you act in a foolish way, it will be displayed.

There are many ways to expose our folly, but let's look at the most common one. WORDS/THE TONGUE!!

I. The fool talks too much, too soon, too easily.
Prov. 15:2, 18:6, 18:7 - soul endangered by mouth
Therefore, the fool is quick to answer. Prov. 18:2
and quick to quarrel. Prov. 20:3

The words of the wise are few and restrained. Prov. 10:19, 17:27, 12:23, 17:28

AND, well chosen!! Prov. 15:23, 16:24, 12:18
Summary verse: Prov. 13:3

The next level.
The immediate issue and application is the tongue/the spoken word/ the external expression - and these are VERY IMPORTANT!!
BUT, the deeper need and more important issue is the heart ( internal). ie. the source/origin of words. Matt. 12:33-36

So, on one hand a wise man learns to control his tongue, but a wiser man learns to correct his heart!

On one hand your heart is beyond perfection. But, it's not beyond improvement/correction/adjustment.
AND, the more you correct your heart, the less you'll have to filter your speech!!

So..... How to Correct the heart??
How to address the source/the root of my tongue, the origin of my speech.

How to Correct the Heart??

#1. Assess Yourself
A. Your speech, words
B. Your heart - ie. what causes you to say what you do.
*Note* - assess in light of God's Word!! (not your feelings, inclinations, culture, etc.)

#2. Confess your sin(s).
your attitude and behavior is not in line with God's will, it is:

#3. Embrace and/or enthrone Jesus. (As Savior and/or as Lord)
A. as Savior leads to forgiveness, cleansing, new heart, nature, presence of the Holy Spirit.
B. as Lord leads to forgiveness, cleansing, Holy Spirit's presence - leadership, guidance, accountability.

#4. Forsake your foolishness. which means desert, abandon, quit, walk away, leave behind, renounce, disown, etc.
Rom. 6:11 - KJV - "reckon"
Contrast: Prov. 26:11

#5. Repeat as necessary ( steps 1 - 4)

on one hand this is difficult to execute (wholly) ( to perfect). But, it is NOT difficult to comprehend, and it is NOT difficult to practice!!
AND, acquiring wisdom doesn't lead to an event, it leads to a process!! - re-enthroning, re-aligning, re-confessing, etc.

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