Monday, June 21, 2010

Baby Dedication

Baby dedication is a public ceremony where a child is formally dedicated to the Lord.

What is the Biblical Basis? Luke 2:22-24 which is taken from Lev. 12.
It is based on biblical concepts and truths but there is no Biblical direction for Baby Dedication. It is something that man came up with.

On one hand we are NOT Jewish, and are NOT bound to Old Testament ceremonial law.
BUT, it is a great way to celebrate a birth, dedicate a child, etc.

What Baby dedication is NOT.... It is not....
-- a required ritual (contrary to Jewish Law)
-- an imparting of grace (which is God's area)
-- a passing of responsibility - spiritual development of the child remains the responsibility of the parents
-- a guarantee of success (because of sin nature and free will)

So then, what IS a baby dedication? IT IS.....

#1. A public declaration of faith
(by the parents)
Faith in: A. God - that He exists. That He is there.
B. Christ - that He is the way to God and the revelation of the Father.
C. Divine concern - that God cares
D. Divine involvement - God will be involved in the child's development

#2. A public expression of thanksgiving
Isa. 29:23 (a) - this child is the work of God's hands
Psalm 127:3 - 5 (a)

#3. A public statement of intent... to raise the child according to God's will (as revealed in God's Word) and make the best effort at it.
Deut. 6:4-9 - Prov. 22:6 Eph. 6:4

#4. A public request for assistance
from: A. God B. God's people (through whom He works)

Note the repetitive use of the word 'public' (vs. private)
Public means: A. Share the experience
B. make a clear, bold statement - "before God and these people" - comparable to Baptism, Wedding

I. Charge to the parents

dedication of the child is meaningless without the dedication of "self". (This is not magic)

II. Charge to the church
-- these are our children. They are our responsibility
-- a commitment to the body includes a commitment to the children of the body.
Baby dedication should be a big day for all of us.
00 the accumulated influence of the congregation MAKES A DIFFERENCE!

So, before we dedicate children, it's time to dedicate "selves"


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