Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Edification - Edifying Your Family

Edification comes from the Greek words meaning - a home and to build - literally: to build a house.
A. the building process - Matt. 7:24 - verb
B. the structure built - Matt. 24:1 - noun

Figuratively: of building/building up
A. the church (the body of Christ) - 1 Cor. 14:3-5 1 Cor. 14:12
B. fellow believers 1 Thess. 5:11 - do for one another
C. The Kingdom (generally) Rom. 15:20

Edification is a simple concept. (We use it in everyday speech)

BUT: it is a very important concept. ie: we as Christians are to be intentional about "building up" others.
As Christians, we are to:
Encourage one another
Be devoted to OA
Bear with OA
Serve OA
Honor OA
Admonish OA
Be patient with OA
Pray for OA
Forgive OA
Be kind and compassionate to OA
Bear OA's burdens
Spur OA on to good works
Stop judging OA
Accept OA
Agree with OA
Offer hospitality to OA
Instruct OA
Submit to OA

John 13:34-35 inclusive/umbrella vs: Love OA
Rom. 16:16 (a) - "greet OA with a holy kiss"

Point #1 - As a Christian, you have a God-given responsibility to edify others Rom. 14:19

Point #2 - If this is true of our brothers and sisters in Christ, how much more true of our immediate family???

"How To Edify Your Family?"

Specific answer is not hard to come by. The problem is that the specific answers are so many, so varied, and depend on the situation.

Examples: prayer, instruction, exposure to the Word, wise use of your words, loving discipline, loving touch, understanding needs, meeting those needs, time, attention, building relationships

The List of specifics is long and varied. Therefore, we will focus on important generalities. Generalities are the structure that underlies the specifics.

#1. Recognize Your Responsibility.

#2. Recognize your Ability. Called to perform means you are entrusted with the ability to get the job done. However, you can't do this without the help of the Holy Spirit.

#3. Know what you're trying to achieve (accomplish)
This is not about building a doctor, lawyer, senator, athlete, scholar. It is NOT about your vision for them. It is about GOD'S vision for them.

#4. (as always) Decide. There are three kinds of people - well poisoners, lawn mowers, and life enhancers. Life enhancers must be focused and intentional.

#5. Re-decide. If you are building great edifice, you must develop your skills..... architect, engineer, corporate, etc.

#7. Work at it. Rom. 14:19 It takes "effort"

#8. Remember your partner in the process. (the Holy Spirit) Work with the Holy Spirit.

Proverbs 14:1

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