Saturday, December 26, 2009

The Christian Hope

I. Understanding the Christian Hope
Christian hope is: confidence, certainty, reliance on and in God based on the Person of Christ.

Definition of Hope:
A. in contemporary use, it's a yearning, longing for, sentiment, etc. not based on anything. ie: "I hope Santa ......, I hope it snows... I hope the electricity doesn't go out, etc.

Contrast this with
B. the Biblical use: expect, confidence, certainty, trust. Heb. 11:1 Faith s being sure of what we hope for.

C. Old Testament hope = confidence in YHWH - Psalm 25:4-5 Psalm 71:5-6

D. Christian hope = confidence in God as more fully revealed in Christ
1 Pet. 1:20-21 - His coming verified, clarified, solidified this hope

The more we know, the stronger our faith should be. Faith is not emotions or feelings, but based on something solid and certain.

Question? how does this differ from other hopes? ie: Islam, Buddhism, secular, agnostic?
#1. this hope is in Christ!! Not in relationship, tradition, holy man, prophet, etc. Not in your own ability, righteousness, works, etc.

#2. This hope is based on His words....
His deeds... miracles, ministry, fulfilled prophecy, resurrection
His character....
His promises...
Christ came to solidify our hope in God and His promises, and left his Holy Spirit as the guarantee of that hope.
All hopes are NOT created equal!!!

Question? What can I be confident of?
Answers: salvation, reconciliation, right standing, eternal life, eternal home, reunion with all who have gone on before, final justice, "all set right" Heb. 6:19 a

Meanwhile, we can be confident that: He's in control - regardless of life's situations
He's with us in all situations
He'll make even bad turn into good! Rom. 8:28

Note: Just because there is a Christian hope, doesn't mean you can avail yourself of it.

II. Utilizing the Christian Hope. ie: employing, putting to use, benefiting from, etc.
BECAUSE, existence and availability does not necessarily equal benefit. You must accept and make it yours personally.
A. Examine the Christian Hope. (look at, study, understand)
Eph. 1:18
Christian hope does not necessarily: 1. provide all you desire
2. grant you all that's available

So, you must
B. Embrace the Hope. (conscious, deliberate choice and action)
by embracing 1. Christ (you can't possess the Hope without Him!!) - John 14:6
2. Christ's teachings, truths, etc.
Don't live outside His will but expect Him to bless anyway. In relationships, business dealings, lifestyle, habits, etc.

C. Re-embrace the Hope (Re-new, re-dedicate, re-commit)
Because, we tend to waver, wander, slip away, etc.

D. Live the Hope (day to day practical application of what we declare!!)
Contrast constant emotional and verbal comments with daily applications, actions, lifestyle - in marriage, in Christianity. Eph. 4:1

E. Share the Hope because it's not just for you and yours. It's about the whole world.
1 Pet. 3:15

Closing scripture:
Jer. 29:11

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