Monday, October 12, 2009

The Offense of the Gospel

Question: Why are people offended by the Gospel? (ie: the bad news side of the gospel)

Some Answers

The Bible teaches that before accepting Christ, you are ---
#1. A Sinner Rom. 3:10-12, 23 - by nature (inherited) and by choice! (many times deliberately)

#2. Separated (from a Holy God) - no sin can enter in to His presence

#3. Lost (which means separated from & therefore perishing) - Matt. 10:5 & 6 Parables of the coin, sheep, son -- Luke 19:10

#4. Blind - to your needs, to spiritual truths - 2 Cor. 4:3 & 4

#5. Satisfied - with your blindness John 3:19

#6. Incapable, helpless - you can't fix it! Rom. 3:20

#7. In need - of saving and a Savior (who was our substitute)

Without which,
#8. Doomed - (appointed to ....) eternal punishment, torment

Meanwhile, to top it off:
#9. Labeled - "sinner" while Christian neighbor is labeled "Saint". Also, dead in sin, insensitive to the Spirit, servant of Satan....

ALL THIS in a culture that:
A. values positive thinking
B. seeks to build self-esteem through verbal applause

So..... (again) Why are people offended by the Gospel?


Concerning the offensive side of the gospel --- Some things to Recognize and Remember.

#1. Recognize the Offense (within the message, legitimate

#2. Remember the Source. (of the offensive message)
ie: Christ who A. Backed the message with miracles - especially the resurrection
and B. taught about Father God of love, mercy, self sacrifice, etc.

#3. Recognize the Purpose (of the offending message)
Rom. 3:20 John 3:17

#4. Remember the Charge (concerning the message. ie: Examine it - the issue is not whether you like it. It's based on: Is it true?
Embrace it.
Proclaim it. You don't have to be a jerk to proclaim the Gospel - all of it - good and bad.

#5. Remember the message is Non-Negotiable. It is not ours to edit or alter. Again, it doesn't matter whether you like it or not.

#6. Remember the Rest of the Message. ie: the "good news" side of the Gospel
Point being: do a balanced presentation - don't neglect either side.

#7. Remember Your Partner in Proclamation. ie: the Holy Spirit. You alone cannot persuade, convict, convert anyone.

Rom. 1:16, 17 ?

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