Monday, May 11, 2009

Benefits of a Christian Home

Ed's definition of a Christian home:
A household unit wherein:
Christ is recognized and accepted as Savior and Lord (by some in the home) This is more than choose Christianity over other religions.
B. His Word is accepted as authoritative. This makes for very few actual Christian homes.
C. An attempt is made to live by His Word, and His directives.

This home won't be perfect. because of:
1. human nature Rom. 3:23
2. individual choice. Can never guarantee an entirely Christian family.
But having a Christian home does have some advantages and benefits.

#1. A divine presence. (Literally the presence of God.)
On on hand, God is omnipresent - meaning He cares for all people and homes.
However, at the same time He chooses to be most active where He's welcomed and received.
Mark 6:1-6 Rev. 3:20

#2. An authoritative moral code.
Everybody's got a moral code. People make up their own moral code. With no moral authority, they have multiple moral codes.
But this one: A. is not custom made by the individual. Prov. 12:15 Prov. 28:26
B. is from a higher authority than the home/the head of the household.
C. applies to all members of the family
In a Christian home, God's Word is used to establish moral code and every member is subject to that same code.

#3. Moral consensus
If members of the home recognize Christ as Lord and accept His Word as authoritative, then there should be agreement on right and wrong, shared values, common goals, etc.
The result being: less conflict and more harmony.

If the faith is lived out in a practical way, you should have:
#4, A moral model.
(which is important because:
we tend to act according to what we see more than to what we're taught and told.)

#5. A moral challenge
Biblical content and the Presence of the Holy Spirit. We are challenged when confronted by Biblical demands, expectations, responsibilities, etc.
For instance: the responsibility to:
a. forgive, ask forgiveness
b. be kind, be patient, be longsuffering, to bear with one another
c. to give, to share, to sacrifica for others
d. to admit sin, confess sin, forsake sin
e. to go the extra mile, tun the other cheek, pray for your enemies
f. avoid gossip, slander, tale-bearing
g. to encourage one another, build up one another, pray for one another
h. to model your faith, share your faith, to exercise your faith, to grow in faith...

The primary challenger is the Holy Spirit. However, He works through God's Word and God's people.
We need the moral challenges. Jer. 17:9

A. there are many other benefits
B. these benefits can't guarantee a successful home - because of human nature, faulty application, and individual choices.
BUT there are definite benefits and advantages.

1. How does your home/household measure?
(not as compared to other homes, but compared to the Holy Spirit's directions to you?)
2. What's your place or part in directiong and influencing the home?
3. What are you going to do about it?

Start with personal decisions. Share those decisions with your family. Prov. 14:1
Follow up and follow through.

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