Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Inviting God Into Your Home

Prov. 14:1

In order to invite God into home, must have basic foundation first - Christ, faith, Christian principles

What 'Inviting God into your home" means - by inviting are welcoming His Presence and His Activity 
On one hand, He is omnipresent - therefore already in your home.  However, there is a different atmosphere, dynamic if He is INVITED in.

Why?  Because with His presence being invited comes - wisdom, truth, confirmation, encouragement - which lead to benefits and blessings.

This doesn't mean there will be no pain, no problems, no turmoil - Rom. 8:19-23
Therefore:  choices because we live in a fallen world, we can live it A) with Christ or B) without Christ

How?  HOW to invite Him in?  How to include Him?  Welcome Him??

By way of:
#1.  Exploration/Examination - (consider the claims - for those who have not yet made Christ Lord and Savior)
Consider:  A)  the promises of Scripture
                 B) the reliability of Scripture
                C) the promptings of the Holy Spirit - take these into consideration as well.  (Heart as well as hands)   Psalm 34:8

#2.  Decision - famous Yogi Berra-ism:  "If you come to a fork in the road, take it." 
BUT, can't take a fork.  You must decide.

If your decision is for Christ, then,

#3.  Invitation - John 1:11-13
Receive Him as Savior and Lord
Also, as teacher, director, instructor, corrector, etc.

Note:  1.  This is not an invitation to reside, rule in home, but in HEART.

           2.  IF - He's in your Heart, then He's In YOUR Home!!!
           3.  This is not the End - it is the Beginning!!  The starting point of Christian life.

NOW add...
#4.  Education - because living the Christina life requires more than Zeal!  Need knowledge.
Rom. 10:2

#5.  Submission - Luke 6:46 - are you building your house on the rock or on the sand?

#6.  Continuation - because growth/maturity is a process of continuity.  Can't be on and off and on and off.  Compare to dieting 1 weekend per month.

#7.  Re-dedication - periodically
Which means re-examine, re-decide, Re-submit, Re-enthrone - Because is inevitable due to being sinful and selfish, the we deviate from putting Christ on the throne of heart where He should be.

A)  This begins with You
You are the only one in the home you can change and/or control  (you can influence, but you cannot control)

B)  There is no guarantee others will respond/follow
The guarantee is that He'll be with you, work through you, blessings will follow
But you don't necessarily get to choose the blessings!!

The Promise is NOT peace as WE define it, success as WE define it.
The Promise is His Presence, Activity, Blessings

Objection:  That is NOT enough!!
Answer:  Where (in this fallen world) will you find more.

John 6:66-69

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