Sunday, May 3, 2009

Understanding God's Specific Will

Definition: God's Will - ie: His desire, His wishes, His preference.
Contrast this with: God's determinate will - ie: what He desires may or may not happen because our will comes into play.

A. God's general will is His desire for all men. - 1 Tim. 2:3 & 4 2 Pet. 3:9
B. His specific will is His desire for you in your situation, circumstance, time, etc.
It's natural for a serious believer or follower to want to know God's specific will.
Last week we discussed discovering His specific will when and if possible.
This week we will add to those observations.

#1. God may or may not have a specific will for you in all situations.
Examples: college? career? job? location? house? spouse? etc.
On one hand, God is omniscient. Therefore you expect Him to know what's best and have a preference.
On the other hand, He is omnipotent. Therefore, He could say, "you choose (within My general will), and I'll bless you in that choice."

#2. God may have a specific plan and choose not to reveal it to you.
For example: Joseph - he spent 13 years in slavery and prison. But, he was right in the center of God's specific will for him, but he didn't know it.

#3. Therefore, it's not always necessary to know His specific plan to fulfill His specific plan.
Example: Moses and the Israelites trapped at the Red Sea.

#4. If God wants you to know His specific plan it is His responsibility to reveal it.
On one hand, you are responsible to prepare and seek and recognize it when it is revealed.
On the other hand, it is the Holy Spirit's job to reveal the plan to you.
Examples: vocational calling, the prophets - Isaiah, Jeremiah, etc.

#5. His specific will is found within His general will.
Therefore, if you are in his general will, you are reasonably close (within blessing range)
This doesn't mean that you have no need to seek for His will. But there is no need to be exasperated!
This also doesn't mean that the specifics are unimportant, but He's bigger than the specifics.
Hos. 1:2 & 3

#6. If you (honestly) miss His specific will, He can correct or redirect the situation.
If you miss His will, he can readjust. He may or may not have a specific will concerning a situation, but if He does and you honestly miss it, He's bigger than your decision.

#7. Being in His specific will does not guarantee safety or success. (according to our definition of safety and success)
Some examples: Joseph, the disciples in the storm (they were sent there by Jesus), Jesus on the cross.
Being in His specific will does not mean that you won't go broke, won't get cancer, marriage will succeed.
It does mean you will be where He desires you to be and (ultimately) you'll be blessed.

Seek His specific will - look for it.
Don't be exasperated if you can't find it
Know His general will.
Do your best to stay within that general will.
Prov. 3:5 & 6

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