Sunday, May 17, 2009

Marriage - God's Way

Gen. 2:19-25

#1 Marriage is God's idea. (the wedding, ceremony, music, flowers, etc. are man's idea. The Union is HIS idea.

Question: Why then: do so many marriages fail. Stat: of American adults over the age of 18, 78% have been married at least once. 33% have experienced divorce at least once. When you add mulitiple divorces and marital failures, the rate hovers around 50%.

Answer: There is no problem with the institution. The problem is with people, and practices. Rom. 3:23
The United States has one of if not the highest divorce rate in the world.

#2. We are (mostly) designed for marriage. Mostly - meaning there are some exceptions - Biblical examples: Jesus, Paul
Statistics on marital popularity: 9 of 10 Americans marry, most adults are married. Most divorcees remarry. (75%) Most couples who cohabit intend to marry some time.
1 out of 5 who are not married would like to be married.
The point being: the institution of marriage has suffered a lot of criticism and hard knocks and it remains very popular.
In 1999, 78% of people surveyed worldwide agreed that "a family created through lawful marriage is the fundamental unit of society".
Also in 1999, 86% of people worldwide agreed that "all things being equal, it is better for children to be raised in a household that has a married mother and father."
This is inherent knowledge which is scripturally confirmed. Rom. 2:14-15

#3. Many basic human needs are met in marriage. This by design.
Notes & Observations:
A, we're created needy. Adam and Eve were in a perfect environment with human needs!!!
B. we're designed to be complementary. Definition of complementary - to complete, fulfill, round out, fill up one another.
As Christians...
C. we're obligated to be complementary. 1 cor. 7:3-5 Note the principle underlying this specific application!!
D. being complementary does not come naturally. ( being selfish does!!)
Therefore, we need communication, education, and reminders!

#4. For maximum marital benefit we should follow a Biblical model.
Question: What does the Biblical model look like???
A. 1 man and 1 woman for life
B. 1 man and 1 woman for life committed to one another
C. 1 man and 1 woman committed to one another for life with Jesus as LORD. This is the New Testament model.

But, question: What about a Biblical model for those who are..... estranged? abandoned? divorced? widowed? remarried?
Example: John 4:16-18 So..... is there no hope? correction? redemption? plan? for the future?

Wherever you are (maritally) God has a Biblical model (plan) for you (and yours) from here forward.
Christianity was not designed for "perfect" people - but for sinners...who mess up but now want to straighten up.

I. God's got a marital plan for you.

II. It begins where you are now.

III. It's a Biblical plan

IV. It includes Christ. - as Savior and as Lord

V. Personal blessing is found within that plan Jer. 29:11

VI. Whether you seek it or pursue i is your choice.

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