Monday, November 13, 2017

Shepherd Leadership

Series = Re-Thinking Leadership (Biblical perspective)

Styles:  upfront - the most recognized
            stealth - most overlooked
            servant - most promoted (in Scripture)
            Shepherd - easiest understood

"Sheep" - used 400 times in scripture.  (most often mentioned animal)
"Shepherd" - used 100 times in scripture - watches over/cares for sheep

BUT - how many times used figuratively?  non-literal usage??

In Old Testament - God = Shepherd  - Psalm 23:1, 95:6-7, 100:3 - written by David who WAS a shepherd, who TOOK CARE of sheep.
                            = we = sheep (in need of direction, care, oversight, etc.)

New Testament introduces Jesus as the Good Shepherd - John 10:11, 14, 27-28   1 Pet. 2:25

So - Disciples, Apostles, church leaders, Christ followers (adopted the notion of) and  became UNDER-SHEPHERDS.  Under God, under Christ.   Acts 20:28 - Paul to the church @ Ephesus
1 Pet. 5:2-4 - God's flock under your care.

What does Shepherd Leadership look like?  Similar to Servant leader. 
Shepherd leader 1) cares for the sheep, BUT 2) WORKS for God!!!
(they = HIS Sheep!!)  John 21:15-17 - Jesus to Peter - "feed my sheep"

How is that different from Servant leader?  Answer:  Shepherd does more than serve - he cares for the sheep, ie:  "nurture"  Psm. 23:1-3   Isa. 40:11

I.  The Ministry  
THE MINISTRY OF UNDER-SHEPHERD or PASTORAL MINISTRY.  Same word for shepherd and pastor in the Greek.
1 Pet. 5:2-3  "under your care",  "entrusted to you"

II.  The Need - Mark 6:34 - "....sheep w/o a shepherd ... so...?
needs = 1) physical
             2) Spiritual (Godly counsel, direction, life and Kingdom skills)
             3)  emotional = need to be loved, valued, significant - making them know they really matter.

III.  The goal = more than the sheep's comfort
= Nurture for Edification - Mat. 4:19 - ie:  development, growth so they are transformed)

IV.  The impact - examples:  video of pastor getting run over, not followed, by sheep
                                             Mother Teresa - huge impact from her ministry to the poorest of the poor

V.   The reward - Matt. 25:31-40

We are to Make A Difference.  For the Christian, should Make An Eternal Difference.

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