Sunday, August 27, 2017

The Well Rounded Christian

Wisdom:  knowledge, insight, discernment, judgment (good sense)

Eastern Tradition = all of the above plus application of these thing - action/lifestyle

Biblical tradition (wisdom) - according to God's Word, will, design

Therefore;  conclusion = Wisdom should lead to a well rounded believer
Definition - 1)  Prov. 28:25
                  2)  balanced (function in all areas)

Christian Faith involves HEAD  HEART  HANDS
Balanced = functioning in all three areas

HEAD = knowledge, understanding, intellect.
to be a good Christian you must know some things.

HEART = Affections (feelings).  Do you care for, are you fond of, inclined toward, devoted to, desire (have passion)?
To be a good Christian you mus feel, have a heart for some things.

HANDS = Actions, deeds, lifestyle.  To be a good Christian, you mus do (and NOT do) some things.

Christian Faith = not just one of these but = a combo of these - well-rounded

Health is determined, measured by these 3.

I.  HEAD:  Faith requires knowledge - Rom. 10:14  From just scriptures in Romans:
Rom. 2:2, 3:19, 5:2-3, 6:5-6, 8-10, Rom. 7:14, Rom. 8:22, 28, Rom. 6:3, 16, Rom. 11:2  - "we know", or "you know" or don't you know".
These phrases used 140 times in the New Testament - this is knowledge
Heb. 6:1 - ...on to maturity"

What's the Remedy?  2 Tim. 3:16-17, 2:15
Note:  Bible is not the only source of knowledge.  BUT, it is the primary source and final authority "for faith and practice" - ie.  what we do.

II.  HEART:  affections, fondness, devotion.  First and Greatest Commandment?  LOVE the Lord your God with all your heart.......
Contrast:  James 2:15 - is more than just head knowledge.
Love for God includes a love for the things of God - His Word, His people, His church, His mission.

Remedy?  compare to a Blended Family - 1) choose to love  2) act according to that choice, 3) spend time with, 4) verbally affirm
We can learn to love!!!

III.  HANDS = 1) doing, acting, responding, serving
           AND     2) avoiding, denying, tuning away from
James 2:14, 26   ( James 3:13)

REMEDY?  Do what you KNOW to do!!!

1)  You are more likely to tend toward one of these (natural, temperament, giftedness)

2)  Recognize that your way is not the right way, the only way, the Best way.  It is ONE way.  (example:  Spiritual Pathways)

3)  Examine yourself!

4)  Develop what's lacking - "well-rounded")

ADDITIONAL NOTE!!   Example =  the 4-H Pledge

The difference = your health is measured by your head, heart, hands

The parallel =   Example:  "FOR my club, community country (world)."

The "for":  should develop spiritual heath for own good, benefit, however, we ultimately are to do so for others!!  Can't do what are called to do without developing self.

The two greatest commandments = Love the Lord, thy God,.....  and Love your neighbor as yourself!  Where is LOVE YOURSELF???

We are to do it #1 for Christ
                      #2 For His Kingdom (church)
                      #3  for His sheep!  His people!  ie:  others

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