Sunday, March 12, 2017

Sin's Produce: (Part 2) Final Products

Quick Review from previous weeks:

The Definition of Sin:  A VIOLATION OF DIVINE LAW
Therefore:  A)  Morally Wrong
                 B)  Destructive
Question:  Why is it not taken more seriously today?
Some reasons:  a) ignorance to consequences, destructiveness
                        b)  skepticism
                        c)  unbelief - in DIVINE LAW (or Natural Law)!!! not simply in sin.   Natural Law = these laws exist from beginning.   It is our job to discover and enact them.

Contrast:  arguing against A divine law vs. against DIVINE LAW!!! - it is one thing to say don't agree with a particular Divine Law.    The other questions whether Divine Laws (Natural Laws) even exist - which then leads to questioning the existence of a Divine Law Giver.

The Nature of Sin = more than a mistake!  It = conscious error, willful unbelief, intentional deviation.  So, Scripture is full of words like:  disobedience, refusal, rejection, rebellion, lawlessness.

The Personification of Sin - "almost alive" - when working in conjunction with human behavior.
So, sin pictured as:  Active, aggressive, militant - 1 Pet. 2:11, scheming, opportunistic, ever present!!

So, Rom. 7:15 - 25

The Produce (product) of Sin  = temptation, deception, seduction, blindness (dulling of the eyes), hardness (callousness), insensitivity (to conscience, to the Holy Spirit)

Question:  Can sin produce all this in a believer?
Answer:  example:  David and Bathsheba - more than a mistake?  = intentional deviation?
David = deceived?  insensitive?  hardened?   Sin doesn't deceive the believer against the believer's will.

Point = the Seriousness of sin!

Sin's Final Produce/Final Products
ie:  Alienation            Slavery           Death                                                        
#1.  Sin Alienates (Separates)                                                                        
Matt. 22:36-40  - "greatest and most important commandment?"                                                      
Man's relationship to God, man's relationship to man.

Yet, Sin separates:  1)  from God   ie:  Bridge Illustration
                               2)  from one another - example:  Adam and Eve, clothing selves after sinning
                               3)  from (harmony with) self.  Rom. 7:24

Distinction for Christian:  ie:  once reconciled - never will be separated - but could be at odds with God over many things.  Contrast:  disrupted fellowship with broken union
Rom. 8:1, 35, 37-39

#2.  Sin Enslaves - John 8:34
begins with "I'll use this sin ... it will serve me!!"
ends with Sin as the Master - example:  alcohol, drugs

So Paul in Rom. 6, 7, and 8 labors:  1)  man's bondage to sin
AND 2) the Christian's freedom from bondage to sin - Rom. 6:16-22
BUT must contrast the 1) legal status with the 2) daily practice
Current remedy is NOT easy!!!  Rom. 6:11-14 - In this life will probably not get a miracle deliverance are looking for  - easy fix when God delivers from the addiction.  Most likely will have to work hard and struggle to overcome.

#3.  Sin Brings Death - Rom. 6:23
a)  this is more than physical death - Rev. 20:14-15
b) this = easily avoided - Rom. 6:23  (all)  (must cross over)

On one hand, Paul stresses the seriousness and the consequences of SIN!!
However, Paul is not without hope!  Rom. 7:24-25

This is reflected in the hymn:  "Guide Me, O Thou Great Jehovah"

'Lord, I trust Thy mighty power, Wondrous are thy works of old;
Thou deliver'st thing from thralldom (slavery) who for naught themselves had sold:
Thou didst conquer, Thou didst conquer, Sin, and Satan and the grave.
Sin and Satan and the grave!'

Rev. 1:17-19

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