Sunday, October 16, 2016

Concerning Capability and Confidence

In recent spiritual profile taken, one statement was "In my Christian walk I wish I felt more ________" with the majority of the responses listing 'confident'/'capable'.  Not primarily confidence in God or in salvation, but in how "doing" the Christian walk.

These feelings = 1.  common (37 of 91 responses listed these)
              can be  2.  persistent
and can become  3.  disabling.
They can lead to an inferiority complex - many walk away from the faith because of these feelings.  (I can never get it right)

So, How to deal with these feelings?   Should we ignore, deny, stifle, suppress, confront, throw off? 

Pastor's answer:  MASTER - Gen. 4:7    Rom. 6:12, 14 --- "...your master."

Whether your Emotions are on the throne of your heart ruling your decisions or Christ is on the throne is YOUR decision!!!!   Who are you going to obey - perhaps can help the feelings, but you can help the response TO those feelings!

Concerning capability and confidence - we look at a Spiritual Giant:  MOSES.
His call - Ex. 3:10-11, 13, 4:1, 4:10, 4:13
These all in spite of visual (burning bush), audible (voice), miracles!!  WHY???  He didn't FEEL adequate or capable.

Compare:  Jer. 1:4-6 - (he never got over his insecurity)   1 Cor. 2:3 - Apostle Paul

I.  These are all spiritual giants and they didn't feel capable!!!
They displayed confidence, but A) this = confidence in God, not in 'self!!!
and B) that leaves the appearance of 'self confidence, because can't see inside. 

II.  They didn't feel capable because they knew they were NOT capable!  They were not capable of doing God's work.
Was Moses a competent messenger?  (in Pharaoh's court?) - BUT, he couldn't change Pharaoh's heart, make the people follow him in the exodus. 
Was Paul a competent speaker?  a good traveler?  BUT, could he change hearts?  could he build the kingdom? 

We (mostly) feel incapable of impacting things beyond our control!   DUH!!!!  Remember -- it is BEYOND your control!

Illustration: "I feel inadequate as a parent." - can feed, clothe, love, nurture, discipline, instruct, direct.... BUT I can't MOLD them, MAKE them be/become what they should!!
 Therefore, I feel inadequate because I can't do what's beyond my control!!!

Point:  Feeding the 5,000 - Mark 6:35-42
the disciples CAN'T feed them.
the disciples CAN count loaves, seat people, carry bread, AND let God do the miracle stuff!!
They did what they could do and let Jesus do what He could do!

God doesn't ask you to perform beyond your capabilities.  He asks you to:  1)  perform within your capabilities and 2 allow Him to perform through those capabilities.  (hence:  Moses, Jeremiah, Paul, Disciples)

So:  #1.  Assess yourself (honestly) - Rom. 12:3
#2.  Admit your capabilities, your limits
#3.  Follow the Revelation you've received (examples:  Moses, Jeremiah, Paul)
          Do what you know to do.
          Do it to the best of your ability (that's your Christian duty, responsibility)
#4.  Allow God to use your response as He sees fit.

This is not saying the the feelings will go away.    Am saying, do not let those feelings rule (instruct, direct, control)

Scripture plus self confidence is mostly negative.  Prov. 3:5-6, 28:26
Scripture plus God confidence is nearly endless!!! - Psalms 71:5, Phil. 4:13

What's on the throne - emotions and Christ at the foot, or Christ on the throne and emotions at the foot?  If you haven't asked Jesus into your heart, you have neither of these things.  Must invite Him in and let Him take control

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