Monday, August 15, 2016

Judging Others - A View From Scripture - Part 5

John 7:24 - on one hand "do", on the other hand, "don't"


What to do, how to respond when others judge you!!  (one thing when they judge your actions, but go further and judge your motive (heart)

All scriptures in Proverbs - because condensed, practical, and simple.

#1.  Get used to it - you are going to be judged in this world - we live with 7 billion fellow residents!
each with - personal opinions and preferences
each with - an inherent sense that their view = correct!

#2.  Listen - Prov. 12:15, 13:1 - a fool has no room for other people's opinions, ideas, etc.

#3.  Bite your tongue - Prov. 10:19, 18:13

#4.  Control your temper - Prov. 14:29, 29:11 - shows, manifests
James 1:19-20 - speak or respond - typically the angry response is not the righteous response.  Once words are said, can't be taken back, and can do great damage.

#5.  Consider the Criticism
On one hand, don't let man decide your course, however, recognize God often speaks through his people - could even speak through non-believers.
Example:  Paul - 1 Cor. 4:3-4   Col. 2:16 contrast Gal. 2:2 - all need correction from time to time.

Paraphrase:  "I should consider man's opinion because it could e that God would speak to me through them."

This does not mean give equal consideration of all criticism.  It means reasonable consideration of reasonable criticism.
So, consider  (a) in light of God's Word  (b) in a spirit of humility and prayer  (c) with the counsel of wise Christian friends.  Prov. 26:12


#1.  Give a controlled response - Prov. 15:1, 21:23 - with spirit of humility and prayer

#2.  Let it go - Prov. 12:16, 19:11 - stewing inwardly is better than outwardly, but stewing silently IS NOT letting go!

#3.  Continue to be open - don't become calloused, unreceptive.  Remember - you could still be wrong!!

IF THE JUDGMENT IS VALID or partly valid -

#1.  Admit it.  - Greek:  "homologeo" - to speak the same thing.  Point is NOT agree with your critic, but agree with God.  Prov. 17:10

#2.  Make appropriate response, change, amends.  - Prov. 14:9

#3.  Learn from your mistakes - Prov. 26:11

#4.  Grow - Prov. 15:31-32

Man man judge with mixed motives, BUT God's judgments are never designed to hurt you, but to correct, instruct, grow, mature you.  Therefore: Prov. 12:1

If God has laid this before you, it's your choice to receive it or ignore it.

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