Monday, September 14, 2015

The Great Prayer

Not found in John but in Matthew

Last week = the Other Lord's Prayer (John 17)
Today = the GREAT Prayer 

Setting:  John 18:1 - the Gethsemane Prayer/the Great  Prayer (Gethsemane = the place of the olive/oil press)
Great because of :  #1- it's intensity   #2 - its CONTENT
"not my will, but Thine be done"

Matt. 26:36-46 - cup = all that He is about to face - Vs. 41 - watch = stay alert in prayer
with Luke 22:39 - "as usual"
       Luke 22:43 - "angel strengthened" (messenger)
       Luke 22:44 - "sweat blood" - Hematidrosis - actual known condition

Note:  Jesus' Itinerary for the next 12 -16 hours = betrayal, abandonment (isolation), trial, false accusation, mockery, scourging, crucifixion, bearing sin, forsaken by the Father, and, what we don't know!! (hell?  punishment?)

So, this is a GREAT Prayer - because of its #1 - intensity (all of the above)
                                                           and  #2 - content - "not my will" - shows nature of Christ

We'll use a Wasm/Ism approach.
today focus = 1)  content - WASM - applies ot Jesus and what happened to Him in the garden
         and it's  2) Application - to US today -  ISM


#1:  Jesus submitted to God's will   ie:  surrendered, deferred, accepted His lot

#2.  Jesus committed to God's will
Difference?  in frying pan by God's will
if can't get out - you submit (example:  loss of a loved one) - submit = passive
if CAN get out - must Commit!! (example:  unhappy marriage, unwanted pregnancy) - commit = active

#3.  Jesus' commitment preceded this crisis (garden)
The decision to commit, follow, obey was made in Eternity Past!!!
Example:  the garden struggle was not about the decision, but was about confirmation - "any other way" - not a crisis of obedience

The ISMs?

#1.  We should submit to God's will - Hi is all wise, all knowing, loves us.

#2.  We should (also) commit to God's will - (active vs. passive) - not just receive but move in that direction.  Don't just sit and wait for God to do the moving.

#3.  Our commitment should precede our crisis.  Life is full of crises - gonna have them.  More apt to stay in God's will if make the commitment in advance.
A public heartfelt commitment makes a difference.  Verbal commitment not so much.

ADD (wasm) - Jesus' commitment was not merely to God's will -
#4.  Jesus' commitment was to God His FATHER!!!! - Mark 14:36
Committing to God's will won't be as strong as committing to God Himself

The first step is submit to the Person of God the Father through Jesus Christ
Then it's easier to submit to the will of God.

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