Monday, June 22, 2015

Receiving God's Light

Last week = 2nd of the "I Ams" - I am the Light - so that God and His Character can be physically displayed.
John 9:1-41   -  common theological thought = all calamity is a result of sin.  When it occurs in an individual's life, must be that man is reaping for great sin. HOWEVER, calamity is not always the result of sin, even though many times sin does bring calamity into a life.  Example:  man in this scripture = born blind.  So???? How did he sin?
Again - controversy and antagonism toward Jesus:  John 9:38 - Jesus accepted this man's worship.  To the Jews, ONLY God was to be worshiped.  

The Point The lesson of this miracle??? = The One who gives physical sight (light) also offer spiritual sight (light).   1 Cor. 2:9-10 - Spirit of God
           2 Cor. 4:3-4

Receiving God's Light (sight) Requires:    (accepting light by accepting Jesus as Lord and Savior.  Not the end, but the beginning)

#1.  Recognition of the Need - Rev. 3:17-18    Prov. 26:12  (because No Need)  You MUST recognize your need!!!!

#2.  Acceptance of the Cure - as God presents it!! (example:  Naaman)
2 Thess. 2:9-10

#3.  Divine Initiation - John 9:35 = found man the second time!!!  If you've found the light, it's because THE LIGHT found you!!  He sought you!!
(this nudging/drawing/wooing/encounter?)   Luke 19:10
NOTE:  It is an awesome thing that the God who needs nothing would seek you!!!!!    Only reason He seeks is FOR you!!!

So:  1..  Recognize your need.
       2.  Respond to the offer
       3.  Give Thanks - that He would do this!!

Light received increases light.    Light refused increases darkness!

This text also illustrates two powerful Christian tools:
Personal Testimony, and Personal Ministry

I.  Personal Testimony = the story of what Christ has done for you.
this man's testimony = 2 simple parts ... a)  this I know    b)  this I believe

needn't be dramatic - just needs to be 1) True  and 2) used -  Mark 5:18-20

II.  Personal Ministry - the whole unfolding began with an act of compassion(on one hand = miraculous.  on other hand = simple kindness)

Note:  John 9:4 - "we .... must work" - compare to Matt. 5:14-16
                          "while ... in world" - compare to John 14:12

Summary:  Jesus is offering spiritual light (sight) so........
#1.  recognize it, accept it
#2.  spread it, share it

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