Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Feeding of the 5000

Are at least 35 recorded miracles in the four gospels.
Only ONE miracle is recorded in ALL 4 gospels - The Feeding of the Five Thousand

Thousands of people saw the miracle, all ate their fill, all KNEW where the bread and fish came from.

Purpose of Miracles -
1)  to Validate the Message and the Messenger - Jesus CAN be believed.
2) Herald His authority
AND sometimes,
3)  provide instruction and inspiration for His followers

The 5,000 does all this, so we need to:

1)  examine the event
2) watch for inspiration/instruction
3) apply it to us, TODAY!
John 6:1-13
Mark 6:30-34
Luke 9:11
Mark 6:35-44

This miracle validates the messenger and shows His Authority over everything in creation, BUT also = a Model of Instruction for disciples.

Is 1 year => Jesus' death and departure
is 1 year => disciples left with "the Great Commission"

Question #1 = HOW?? - with their meager resources?  with their limited abilities?

Question #2 = How do you and I carry on this tradition?  meet this challenge? fulfill our "commission"?
HOW do I serve God/minister on His behalf?  Make A Difference for the ETERNAL KINGDOM?

How do I make a big splash when I'm a little frog?   Deliver a feast with cornbread and fish sticks?

This = model, NOT a formula.  Not math/science, NOR Magic!!   = model/guidelines, memorable lessons

#1.  Recognize the Need(s) - are hurting, needy people everywhere
Requires looking beyond self, and into soul. - STOP, LOOK, LISTEN

Disciples saw ________???  Jesus saw "sheep without a shepherd" - we tend to look first at self.

#2.  Accept Responsibility - "send away" vs. "you give them"
the word = ABLE to respond - on one hand, not responsible for all, however, clearly responsible for some!!
Our problem is not too much responsibility, but too selfish to respond!
Ability to respond,makes me responsible - not for everything, but as are able!

#3.  Count your Loaves
on one hand, recognize your abundance - resources, abilities, opportunities
on the other hand, recognize your insufficiency - (examples:  death bed, funeral, etc) - we are inadequate to deal with eternal, spiritual things.

So.. #4.  Present your Loaves - to the multiplier!!

Then.... #5.  Distribute the Loaves! - do what supposed to do, no guarantee of results
ie:  Action - go and do - deliver what you have
Remember:  "GO ..... and I'll go with you" - ministry on purpose (M.O.P.)

#6.  Leave the Results to God - miracle?  multiply? effect?  Make A Difference?
Contrast our part (prepare, go, do),  His part - example Jeremiah - 40 years preaching faithfully and not a single convert.

#7.  Feed on the Fragments - (12 baskets?)
ministry = combo of depletion (wears you out) and sustenance (doing will of Him who sent me) - John 4:34

Question:  Who fed the Crowd?  Jesus?  or disciples?  or BOTH??  Jesus did it with disciples, not without

The model, mode, method remains unchanged - you do you part, He does His part.

Every born again believer has a call to ministry. 

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