Monday, February 9, 2015

Calling of the First Disciples

Last week - Exhibit A - John the Baptist's testimony.

The next day:  John 1:35-51 - first disciples from John the Baptist to Jesus - wanted to spend time with Him - find out who He was and what He was teaching.
Next - Andrew and ??? John??? - not named but assumed to be John.  Andrew went and found Peter.
Jesus found Phillip - John 1:51  "I tell you (all)"   Reference:  Gen. 28:10-19 - angels ascending and descending ladder to heaven.  Jacob named place - "Bethel" = house of God.

John 1:51 - (His first statement of Who he Is.)  angels ascending and descending on Himself =
Jesus is the Connection - between earth (man) and God - (the stairway, the ladder)

Jesus is the Communication - John 1:18

Jesus is the Avenue - (roadway, stairway, BRIDGE) - John 14:1-6 - "I am the way".

Common objection to this - not that "Jesus is A way".
Objection is that "Jesus is THE way!!"

When faced with this objection, short answer = this is not a question of preference
                                                                     = this is a question of truth, fact - established NOT by Christians or the church, but by Christ!!   - the one we declared to be the stairway.


1)  Do we need a ladder?  stairway?  etc?

2)  does Jesus serve that purpose?  - God in the flesh

3)  is He THE ONLY WAY??

In our study, John will say, "yes, yes, and yes!!!"

Next Question:  have you decided?  chosen THIS way??

JESUS said,  "I am THE way!!!"  (the only way)

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