Monday, January 5, 2015

General Wisdom for the Coming Year

from Deuteronomy - (2nd. Law/Repetition of the Law)
The time & setting - Egypt --> wilderness --> Promised Land - 1st. generation wouldn't go in so spent 40 years wandering between slavery and blessing.

The purpose - Deut. 4:1
So----- review past
            reiterate Covenant
            Offer/invite/challenge next generation

Question?  Is this applicable to us?  today?
Answer:  1 Cor. 10:6, 11 - (context) - Paul said "all scripture given by inspiration of God..."

are not entering a "new land", but ARE entering new era - examples:  what's new to you in 2015??

Not beginning a journey - (been Christian for ___ years)
But are on a continuing journey.

We're not the same people = (Israel, 3500 years, across the globe)
BUT, we're still PEOPLE!!
                  still subject to people problems!!!

1 Cor. 10:12-13 (a)

So, General Wisdom for the Coming Year --
     Deuteronomy has many specifics, but today, = broader/more general, however = important, practical, applicable, helpful

Deut. 8:1-18
focus on:  I)  Be Careful
               II)  Remember
              III)  Observe

I.  Be CAREFUL - usage/synonym - "Be careful" - 20 times in Deuteronomy (NIV)
  TO:  do, obey, pay attention, follow, watch yourselves
  NOT TO:  forget, neglect, be enticed, be ensnared

Synonyms:  to be cautious, wary, alert, awake, observant, mindful, attentive, watchful, diligent, vigilant, on guard.

Why so important?? - A)  Dangers ahead, around
                                  B) we tend toward careless -
Careless = inattentive, thoughtless, unobservant, negligent, lax, indifferent, forgetful, unwary, off-guard
Which => greatest danger (often) = SELF!!

Words to US --> Eph. 5:15-17 - our problem is carelessness

Observe/compare - in Hebrews = Hebrew Christians tempted to drift due to persecution/hardships.
(here) in Deuteronomy = tempted to drift due to success/prosperity
Which are we most like??

II.  REMEMBER as in:
A) Look Back - at former events, experiences
AND, B) Keep in Mind - lessons and truths learned there!!
Remember - 16 times in Deuteronomy - why so important???

Point is not looks back and reminisce - Heb. 2:1
But = look back and LEARN.  (ones who've walked with Christ the longest should be the most solid)

III.  OBSERVE - doesn't mean stand back and watch == OBEY!!
                       more than know His will == DO His Will
Mentions 13 times in Deuteronomy, and when add 'obey', =>42 times)
James 1:22-25
Matt. 7:24-27

These are good, general observations, reminders, challenges for us.
BUT, 1 thing precedes these 3 = ie:  decide/choose - Deut. 30:11-20

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