Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Special Revelation

I.  Can We Know God Exists - apart from Scripture?  - covered 2 weeks ago
         Natural Theology
          Argument from Design

II.  What Can we Know About God apart from Scripture?  - last week

He is (must be)    powerful   }
                           intelligent  }      
                           creative    }
These three = must be Personal!!  (a "force" has no personality.  Chance has no power)
                           transcendent  =  beyond His creation to create it

Paul's words - Rom. 1:20 - "eternal power/divine nature"

This is called general Revelation (imprinted into His creation ) =  some knowledge

BUT, we need Special Revelation (specific) for more....   (God chose to reveal after creation)

Christian View (in summary) - Heb. 1:1-2
                                             2 Pet. 1:20-21
                                             2 Tim. 3:16 - God-breathed

Christian faith claims many more things than what can be discovered through General Revelation.

Question?  Is this possible?? - Answer:  Of course it's possible.  Quote from Anthony Flew (renowned atheist who changed his mind regarding existence of God)
"You cannot limit the possibilities of omnipotence except to produce the logically impossible."

Question?  Is this reasonable?  ie:  have we any reason to believe in Special Revelation ... aside from our desire for it to be true???   .... Aside from subjective experience(s)??

Reasons to believe the Bible is Divinely Inspired:

1)  fulfilled prophecy - D. James Kennedy study = 333 Old Testament texts fulfilled in Jesus - all written more than 400 years before His birth.  This doesn't include those prophecies covering other peoples, places, events, etc.

2)  accompanying miracles -  John 3:1-2  (typical of prophets/apostles)

3)  unity of content - 66 books -40+ authors - over 1500 years - 3 continents, 3 languages, various situations, cultures, etc.
YET - A) agree on life's controversial issues, and, B)  all focus on God's redemption of man

4)  universal relevancy - speaks to all people, all cultures, all ages,  all life situations ...(it fits)

5)  social impact - on individuals ==> on Society(s)

6)  the endorsement of Jesus - repeatedly upheld the Old Testament, predicted the New Testament  (John 14)
Contrast the scholar who says "Bible not reliable" with Jesus who says Matt. 5:18  - Who do you believe??

Above = objective (external) tests

Add subjective (internal) test   ie:  We see ourselves & meet our God in Scripture!!!

Most come to believe without any knowledge of above reasons.  However, is good in the aftermath to know there are good, solid Reasons!!

This brings us to a very critical and decisive point in the Christian faith --- because:



IF THE BIBLE IS HIS WORD   (self-revelation)

                                        INTERPRETATION  of text
                          and        APPLICATION  to life

Back to:  2 Tim. 3:16-17

Scripture = from  God,  practical and useful ... FOR:  Teaching

"So that...."
YOU might be trained and equipped to live your life as GOD intends, and, respond to life as GOD intends.


Assist others as GOD intends and
Instruct others as GOD intends.

If God exists and the Bible is His Word, then the rest is just Exegesis (drawing out (digging out) what He has breathed in)

IF He has given us what we need, He's spoken and You are obligated!!  If you reject the Bible, then you are saying there is NO Special Revelation or No God.

Since we have reasonably concluded God IS and the Bible IS, we will go on to "What Does It Say".

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