Monday, November 25, 2013

Giving Thanks

 Categories of blessing:  (how are you doing - blessing-wise?)
 1.  material blessings
 2.  financial blessings
 3.  cration blessings
 4.  health blessings
 5.  relational blessings
 6.  community blessings
 7.  national blessings
 8.  opportunity blessings
 9.  ability blessings - Deut. 8:17-18
10.  spiritual blesslings
11.  former blessings
12.  future blessings
Heb. 13:15

Col. 3:15/4:2  Heb. 12:28  We should be thankful!!!!   Have an attitude of thankfulness.
Question:  how many times is this stated?  answer in the NIV = these 3!!

On the other hand, I Thess. 5:18 "give thanks" - Attitude vs. Action.  Attitude should result in visible manifestation.
Question:  how often is "give thanks" stated in scripture?  Answer:  at least 20 times.

Plus  there are many references to....
         "gave thanks" - (offered thanks - past action)
         " to give thanks" - example:  "appointed singers to give thanks"
        or "thank" as verb - I will thank God every day
        or "thank" as adjective - "thank offering" - 25 times - offering of thanksgiving
        or "thanksgiving" - as a noun  -  prayer of thanksgiving

Add up all these action references = more than 140 times mentioned

Point:  for ever 1 reference to the attitude of thanksgiving, we find nearly 50 references to the Act of thanksgiving (giving thanks)

Obviously, we ought to be mindful of blessings/grateful/appreciative
BUT also ought to acknowledge the blessings/express appreciation/give thanks.

Should go beyond just thinking about how you are grateful.

This appropriate for all people.  All are blessed abundantly.
Especially for Christians .... John 1:16

So......... GIVE Thanks!!!!

How?  verbally -saying "thank you"
           specifically - naming specific blessings
        Both.... privately And publicly.  Example:  thank offering in Old Testament - private offering  but publicly  offered.  Compare to grace at meal - private but offered in public place
       Both.... individually and corporately - example:  dedication of the temple

How often?  Heb. 13:15  "continually" - a lifestyle/habit...

in what circumstances?  1 Thess. 5:18  in midst of everything...... will of God for you.

Why? -  1)  we owe it - because He has blessed us soooo much.
             2)  He deserves it - but doesn't need it.  Doesn't change God either way.
             3)  We're TOLD to which means it's beneficial - to us.
Beneficial foryou  and your family
                      your community and your nation
"thanksgiving" is a witness (testimony to your belief in God's goodness.  Psalm 105:1   Again, example: public grace.  Others "see" that you believe in a all-loving gracious God and are thankful for His blessings toward you.

2 notes:  Deut. 4:9
       1)  "Remember" because we forget and take for granted
affluence breeds arrogance!!!!  Deut. 8:17  Be careful that your blessings don't bring out the worst in you!!!  Blessings have a tendency to bring out the evil inside.
       2)  "teach your children"  Deut. 6:4-7
           by  a)  instruction and by b) example.   If want your children to acquire attitude of thanksgiving, show them by your lifestyle.

TO WHOM??  (should we give thanks) - THE BLESSOR - this is NOT generic!!!!
Psalm 118:28 - grateful to "who???"  Should be God of the Scripture.

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