Sunday, July 7, 2013

When Friends Let You Down

(this = common to life / always disturbing) ... so... 
Mark 14:32-42 - in Gethsemane.  "keep watch" = watch in prayer.  Especially troubling when occurs in inner circle of friends, family, etc.

we see.....
1)  Jesus trusted God - recognized His Sovereignty, sufficiency ... we know that He doesn't need Peter, James, and John in the strictest sense.

2)  Jesus desired human companionship - at His hour of need -- looked to the disciples for support!!  (his 3 closest friends)

3)  Jesus was greatly disappointed by His friends. - they fell way short of what He needed at that time
      a)  common to man
      b)  common to life                                 Job 6:14-21 (a)
      c)  common to Christian life                  2 Tim. 4:9-11, 16
Sometimes God manifests Himself through His people.

POINT:  We're often disappointed by friends, (common to humanity) because... 
#1.  People are human ---- therefore limited - in ability to know, care, minister - Mark 14:38

#2.  People are sinners -- therefore -- faulty...
        A)  tend toward SELF - (concern, fulfillment, service, etc.)
        B)  often fail even when want to do good - Rom. 7:15, 18-19, 21-24 - (introspection of a man who understands who he really is)

#3.  People are different -- therefore -- have different opinions, outlooks, viewpoints, beliefs, values...
(there are other reasons that people disappoint, but these are the basis, bulk)

So ---- what did Jesus do??  How did He handle this?

#1.  Jesus asked for support.
On one hand, asking could lead to greater disappointment - (ie:  ask and not receive support needed)
On the other hand, people won't support if they don't know.

#2.  Jesus saw their failure as human weakness (not indifference) - Mark 14:38  They really didn't understand what He was going through.

#3.  Jesus didn't cast blame on the disciples.
On one hand, Jesus was in a mess.
However, it wasn't the disciples' fault!!  (it was His choice!!)
They just failed to support Him IN the mess!!

#4.  Jesus didn't let the failure of the disciples disrupt His relationship with the Father.
Typical scenario:  "hasn't affected my relationship with God, but:  just quit the church (His bride), avoid people (for whom He died).  Keep the "Love the Lord ... with heart and mind and soul," but ignore the "love your neighbor as yourself".

#5.  Jesus didn't let the failure of the disciples disrupt His relationship with them.
Example:  Peter - after falling asleep, denial, running away --- but reinstated at the Lord's breakfast!
That's Jesus - our model.

Add something Not in this text.

People will disappoint you -- (that's clear, evident)

But.... recognize this:  you will disappoint others - you are no different.
Everything said of others is true of you also.

This doesn't alter the facts, situation.  But it helps put it in perspective .. with attitude, response

Luke 18:9-14
As we deal with one another, let us beware of 3 things:
1)  Self Righteousness
2)  Disdain
3.  Unforgiveness - when sinned against

One of our obligations after becoming a Christian is loving our neighbor as self.

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