Wednesday, January 9, 2013


Last week - New Year's Resolutions + 7 traits to cultivate for success:
1)  Sensitivity - to the inner voice which we all have (reason, conscience, common sense, Holy Spirit)
2)  Introspection - ie:  self-examination - looking into self in light of scripture, not in light of feelings or world around you.
3)  Admission - to self, to God
4)  Resolve - which = determination plus declaration
5)  Request for assistance - from God, from man
6)  Resilience - ability to 'bounce back'
7)  Acceptance - of your human-ness - are going to fail, fall
                        - of God's forgiveness

ADDED "indwelling of Holy Spirit - (through the New Birth).  The above is helpful for anyone.

On one hand, it's helpful to breakdown and make a list - pieces
On the other hand, if lumped them together - can call it perseverance.
Definition (synonym) - steadfastness, persistence, endurance, diligence, tenacity, resolve, determination, stubbornness, relentlessness, etc.

Use, Application usually  - do well in face of adversity, trial, difficulty
Perseverance doesn't mean will never fall - means will always get up.
Doesn't mean never deviate from path, does mean always com back to the path.

In Christian life .... to progress, grow, develop, achieve, accomplish, to mature, become, requires Perseverance.

So, look at passage where Paul lumps it together.  Phil. 3:10-16

We'll see:
I.  Paul's goal - to become all Christ saved him to be
II.  Paul's Method - (in a lump) - "Press on", ie:  perseverance
III.  Paul's Conclusion - "All Christians should share this view.."

Text:  Phil. 3:10-16

I.  Paul's Goal - become all Christ saved him to be!
He assumes:
A.)  saved for a purpose - not just for eternity
B.)  saved for an earthly purpose - Eph. 2:10
C.)  that purpose discovered and fulfilled in Christ
Therefore, if never receive Christ/never follow Christ - will never discover yr. purpose here

NOTE:  #1 - Goal = combination of doing (achievement) 
                                                        being (character) not one or the other but  = both - doing and being
NOTE:  #2 - Paul experiencing "holy discontent"
Contrast:  Heb. 13:5 - "be content with such things..." - content with things you have
  with:        Matt. 5:6 - "blessed are those who hunger and thirst...." - discontent with relationship with Christ
We've flipped it over.  Most are discontented with amount of "things" and very contented with relationship with Christ.

II.  Paul's Method - "Press On" - Persevere
Implies:  A)  effort
             B) serious effort
            C)  continual effort
These three = perseverance.  (doesn't mean will never fall or deviate)  It's getting up and coming back
           D)  Goal orientation - which is more than "press on" - means to press on TOWARD  something specific
          E)  Focus on the present & what supposed to be doing
"forgetting" does not wipe out memory.  Means don't allow past to hinder
Past can = former failures, could also be former victories
        F)  dependence on Christ, coupled with Perseverance - Col. 1:29   1 Cor. 15:10

III.  Paul's Conclusion - vs. 15 - "all Christians should share this view"

Meanwhile .... vs. 16 - already have some knowledge, capabilities, etc. - live up to that as you press on.

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