Sunday, October 7, 2012

Jesus Messiah

Acts 5:29, 33-40 - these made claims that God was with them in their revolt - Judas Messiah (the Galilean - referred to last week)?  Theudas (name given to several would be messiahs) Messiah?  Jesus Messiah?

I.  The Title (Messiah or Christ) - New Testament = Jesus Christ, not Jesus Messiah - Christ - transliterated to English from the Greek.  In the Old Testament - the word Messiah is transliterated into English from Hebrew
A.  the words are interchangeable
B.  this is a title, not a name.  (Jesus bar Joseph, Jesus of Nazareth)
John 1:41

II.  The Office (of Messiah .... who?  what?)
(the concept of many First century Jews)
 Who?? - a man, foretold, anointed, of David's lineage
What?? to deliver (from Roman oppression), to lead, to rule (as King), to restore (people, kingdom, etc)

(Jesus will ADD MANY new dimensions to this concept.)

III.  The origin of this doctrine (this concept of Messiah??)
Prophetic revelation and Intertestamental examination - looking back at ancient sources.
During the 400 year Intertestamental period, the idea of Messiah got stronger and stronger.

Post exile - Mal. 3:1, Zech. 9:9-10, Hag. 2:6-7 - believed Messiah would come during the time of the 2nd. temple

In exile - Dan. 7:13-14 - son of man - Messianic term - only used in the New Testament of Jesus, or by Jesus about Himself.

Pre- exile - Jer. 23:5-6 - vs. 6 - LORD=Yahweh,  Isa. 9:1-2,6-7  Mic. 5:2

Moses - Deut. 18:15 - at the right time

Jacob - Gen. 49:10 - KJV - Shiloh - another name for Messiah

The beginning - Gen. 3:14-15 - one is coming who will crush the head of Satan

So.... John 1:45

NOTE:  After the resurrection, the Apostles examine scripture in new light....... and see - (examples:)  Virgin birth, suffering servant, stone rejected, etc.   Luke 24:25-27
Note:  all these prophesies, promises STILL STAND!!!

IV.  How do we know He was/Is Messiah???
Ask the Apostles - what convinced them??
His claims?  teachings? miracles?  fulfilled prophecy?  witness of the Holy Spirit?
Answer:  YES - until - His death!!  because there were a lot of would-be messiahs who died, and nobody follows a dead messiah.
Final convincing proof?????  The Resurrection!!!  - John 20:28   This Messiah also overcame death.  Then they were absolutely, positively convinced.!!!!

V.  Do we still need a Messiah?
on one hand, as the 1st. century Jewish leaders saw Messiah?  - No........
However, as post-resurrection Apostles saw Messiah???? - ABSOLUTELY!!

Matt. 1:21  John 8:24   1 Tim. 1:15    John 20:31

VI.  What about all the unfulfilled prophecy (of Messiah)??
Answer: - next week

But today:  Acts 2:36-39 - coming of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost.  Promises are for  us - they are not over.  We need Him!!

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