Thursday, July 28, 2011

Proverbs - Wisdom for Dummies (a reference for the rest of us)

Definition: A proverb is a short, witty, catchy statement designed to impart wisdom by summarizing one of life's lessons.
A. Common proverbs - "a stitch in time saves nine", "a penny saved is a penny earned", etc.
B. Modern proverbs - similar but updated to be relevant.


A Biblical proverb is the same, but the content and teaching is the wisdom of God! It's of divine origin, not just the wisdom of man.

So, Prov. 1:1 could read... "the Proverbs of the Lord.... as written, compiled, quoted by Solomon....."
This compares to the ACTS of the Apostles..... or Acts of the Holy Spirit as he worked through the Apostles.

Solomon spoke many proverbs!!! 1 Kings 4:32
There are approximately 432 proverbs in the book of Proverbs. BUT, remember, the origin, source is GOD!! 2 Pet. 1:20-21
All wisdom and truth has it's origin in God or else it is not truth and wisdom!

A Proverb may take many forms. Three of the most common are:

1. Contrasting Proverbs - "but", "therefore" - Prov. 11:1, 13:24, 14:1
2. Comparing Proverbs - "like, as better, than" - Prov. 15:17, 17:1, 11:22, 17:12
3. Complimenting Proverbs - "and" - Prov. 15:23, 15:33 "and" implied - Prov. 16:18, 16:24

In Proverbs we find 2 ways and 2 characters - the way of the wise, and foolish. The wise man and the foolish man.

This is in keeping with the Biblical Model. Matt. 7:24,26, 13-14. Psalms - righteous and unrighteous.
The Point= right way, wrong way. list/saved. sheep/goats. heaven/hell. blessed/cursed. wise man/fool


A fool is not one who is stupid, ignorant, unlearned. It is one who has disdain for the moral and ethical pr9nciples set forth by God, His people, and His Word. Psalm 14:1 (a) "..... no God."

A fool is not one who does not know how he should live....
It is one who knows right from wrong, knows what should or should not do, how should act, react ....... and refuses to recognize the truth and live accordingly.

A fool is not mentally deficient. A fool is morally deficient. Rom. 1:21-22

Illustration: Luke 12:16-21 . Wealth is not condemned in scripture. Condemned for putting trust in material things God has given.

POINT - not "if you do ______ you are a fool." BUT, if you do ________ you are acting in a foolish manner!

(next 2 weeks - Portrait of a fool/what NOT to look like!!

#1. To teach divine wisdom. This is more than words of the wise. 2 Pet. 1:20-21

#2. To make it simple. "wisdom for dummies"

#3. To provide moral instruction. (teach right and wrong)
In scripture - morality (truth) and wisdom are inseparable.

To direct us to God. - God is the source of all wisdom. Therefore, when we find wisdom, it leads us to find God.
#5. To provide opportunity for a better life.
Provers is practical wisdom, applicable, life changing, life shaping - Prov. 8:35 - "if you hear my words and do them."

The Preface to Proverbs. - Chapters 1 -11. These are to introduce the text, explain the importance, convince you to read on, etc.
Prov. 1:20-33, 8:1-11.

Wisdom is a gift from God, but it must be chosen!!

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