Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Benifits of a Christian Home

My Definition:

A Christian Home is one where Christ is recognized as Lord and Savior, where Christ is honored as Lord and Savior, (There is a big difference in recognizing and honoring.)
where an attempt is being made to live by His Word(s).

A Few Benefits of a Christian Home:

I. A Divine Presence. Jesus' power and authority is not weakened by rejection. He is omnipresent - in all homes at all times.
However, He is most active where He is welcomed, received.
Mark 6:1-6
Rev. 3:20

II. Divine Directives (instruction/guidance)
Contrast that with the typical : how I was raised, taught, making it up as I go....."
Prov. 12:15/22:6 - "the way of..... ______" vs. the way of God.

III. God's Moral Code - makes for a great standard in a family
a. of divine origin, therefore
b. authoritative
c. practical, not arbitrary - 2 Tim. 3:16-17
d. unchanging
e. application to all (in the family)

IV. A Lifelong Moral Challenge
a. the challenges: forgiveness, edifying, encouraging, etc.
b. the duration - it doesn't end at adulthood
There is no promise, but a much greater opportunity to follow God's Moral Code if have been raised with it.

V. A Visible Model - we learn by what we see, more than what we hear!!

On one hand, a Christian does not guarantee success (sin nature, free will)
But, it does guarantee a better opportunity of success!!


To the parents: - the dedication of your child is:
1. a public declaration of faith - in God, Christ, in His concern, in His involvement

2. A public statement of intent ...
to raise him/her as best you can according to God's will and God's Word.

3. A public request for assistance... from God, from God's people.

To the congregation: note "public"

This is: 1. a clear bold statement
which 2. invites your participation

Parents - dedication of your child without dedication of yourself is meaningless!!! God intends to work with this child primarily through you!!!

Congregation - Jesus made clear his view and value of children. These children are partly our concern, our responsibility.

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