Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Marriage 101

Marriage basics/fundamentals - the institution, origin, establishment of marriage.

Note: this is more than a marriage - it is the model of marriage.

Gen. 1:26-28/2:15-25

I. Eve was created to be a "helpmete" because Adam NEEDED....
1. A companion - "alone"
2. a partner "rule/subdue/have dominion over" to help him (a.) accomplish and (b.) become
3. a lover (in the broadest sense) - to feel loved, valued, significant, special, etc. by another person.
4. A mate ... to meet (a) sexual needs (b) family needs - have kids, raise kids (c) intimacy needs - Ex. 20:14/15/17

II. The Reverse is also true - ie: Adam is to be all of the above to Eve
This is called reciprocal - it works both ways/equally true of Both!!

III. Though equally true, it is not always equally expressed. Example: Pit Saws - years ago when sawing lengths of lumber they used pit saws. A deep pit - one person down in the pit - one person at the top. Log goes down into the pit and was sawed like using a crosscut saw. The one in the pit had it easier as the weight was less - the one on top had to pull the weight of the saw UP. IF you're a couple, who's on top?? (the husband) Why??? (greater upper body strength)

Now, marriage is complicated by another issue..... SIN!!!
Gen. 3:6-13 - much lost, damage in the fall. One thing: Intimacy - with one another, with God. And, sense of responsibility -- blame transfer! - "not my fault".

Question: Is there hope? A remedy? Can we regain? recover? (Paradise List?)

Answer is: yes and no.
On one hand, No - we cannot fully recover this perfection in this life. (due to sin)
However: YES!! We can begin to move back toward what was and should be and what as intended to be!!

BUT... we must (1) know what it should be (God's design/intent/goal)
and, we must (2) determine to pursue God's plan God's way.

We call this: Repentance.
And in this case it is more than an action or event.
It is a process!! - and it's difficult and ongoing.

BUT - it's worth the effort!! Therefore, we will continue with the family series.

Closing quote: from Wendell Berry ... "Remembering".
"they were not making marriage, but being made by it.... making them fit together, fit to be together."

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